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Six signs that you something is trying to warn your angel

Шесть признаков того, что вас о чем-то пытается предупредить ваш ангел-хранительWhat are the signs?

Have you ever had the feeling that you’re being watched, even though you know that no one is around? How often do the questions that you ask yourself mentally, you get the answer that themselves would not give? These questions, most likely you would ask a psychologist or a psychiatrist, and in fact they sometimes overlap with symptoms of schizophrenia, phobias and any deviations in neuro-mental state of the person. But there is a slight difference between this and all the messages of your guardian — higher strength material to feel we can’t.

People with disabilities never take them, so if you experience interference in your subtle world, should heed these signs, and those who care about you on the other side, warn, and prompt support.

Here are 6 signs that you signaling someone on the other side of reality:

1. Your dreams are remembered and very expressive

The spiritual world often sends messages through dreams. If your life change is coming, you can get a sign in a dream. This is the script, the symbolism, which you definitely will not go unnoticed. Do not look for explanations in normal dreams, if you dream a dream, which rejoices all inside, or Vice versa, my skin crawls at the mere memory.

When you sleep, the astral world becomes available. All of your beliefs remain in reality, and you become more perceptive in other areas. An otherworldly entity (this is your departed to the other world ancestors, symbols of faith, depending on the religion, it’s important events that you will relive in my sleep, or people who you very dear in their earthly guises) will be in images that you will remember. All you need to do if you realize that this is a sign, is to formulate the intention to know better.

2. Your 5 senses are enhanced

You sense through smell, touch, taste, sight and sound of the real world. Surreal will beep so that you just know — that smell or sound might not be in this place, it may be the smell of a particular flower or herb, wax candles, or spirits of a particular person. It may be tinnitus. You may notice his peripheral vision figures and their movement. Do not worry, and continue to listen, be open and watch, asking questions.

3. Starts to act up electrical and electronics

Signs from above or from a parallel world can be expressed. We are created of matter, and electricity waves, which can be a bridge between our worlds. If your car won’t start, although all right with the ignition, it’s likely that your strong angel just does not let you now in a way. Listen better to the song that sounds radio associative perception will help you to navigate or point to someone who cares about you, or about the cause of such delays. To be afraid is not necessary, and contrary to the horror movies with a similar plot, remember: the body may already be in decay, but the energy that connects you to some person who protects you from the outside is eternal.

4. You feel an inexplicable Knowledge

If the question you couldn’t answer suddenly became clear as day — it is also a sign of interference of information flow from the outside. Someone who protects you, has taken care of that the intuition revealed to you, and you realized, enlightened, discovered something that had not even crossed my mind. This concern for your spiritual guides and loved ones. Telepathy or the desire coming from within, pushing you to do something, intuition — call it what you will, but whenever you ask for help, this force will provide you with assistance in the form of tips. Just listen.

5. Chills on the skin

They say that when we randomly say something true, even if it is a very scary assumption, you will feel the chill, or a chill down my spine, goosebumps. This is a sign that near to you the subtle world who is willing to work with you.

6. You catch yourself on the fact that the characters just throw themselves at you

Did you happen to think about something and accidentally get the answer, in the form of songs, sounds or phrases on the hood of an oncoming car. Match characters sent from the other world, but make sure that you are on the right track. Pay close attention to your feelings, listen to the world around you, tune into the interaction, and to reach out to you it will be much easier.

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