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Six signs of an unhealthy metabolism

Шесть признаков нездорового метаболизмаFast metabolism – the key to a slim figure.

If you are in the club of those who at the first ailments looking at all the most terrible diseases from the list of Dr. house, do not panic. Perhaps your metabolism is sending signals that it is important to calculate and to take action.

You feel tired

Of course, it could be stress, lack of sleep, grueling workout or a cold, but if you notice that energy out too fast, this is something to ponder. Often you may feel tired, barely awake after a full (8-hour) sleep. Most likely, it’s in the wrong diet, what nutrients do not have time to absorb and saturate the body with energy.

Do you have problems with skin and hair

When the body gets out of rhythm and ceases to absorb vitamins, that primarily affects the skin, hair and nails. Cells are dehydrated and need the right products: use vitamins A, b and C, as well as the water, not abusing coffee (over which lowers the immune system) and alcohol.

You better, even if you follow the diet

Of course, if you just started exercise and weight is not reduced due to swelling of the muscles (which will slowly), don’t panic. But if you know your body and follow the diet, and the weight grows, it makes sense to talk with a nutritionist.

You have a sudden urge to eat sweet

When the body lacks energy, it requires something sweet (usually flour) or products with starch (a long time if you suddenly want to eat fried potatoes or mashed?). There are two choices: to sleep or to substitute for sweet heavy in carbohydrates, for example, eat a lunch of buckwheat, then it will be easier to give up chocolate.

You are constantly freezing

If you periodically feel the chills, which is not associated with a cold, I blame a slow metabolism — it is also responsible for “heating” of the body.

The feeling of thirst that is difficult to quench

Irritation in the throat, which can be characterized by the feeling of “sore”, also referred to problems with metabolism. Usually this feeling for some time locked together with the thirst, but after a short time reappears — this indicates the acidity in the stomach.

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