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Six insane versions of Jason that we never saw

All these versions of one character is left in the rough script for the film “Freddy vs Jason”. About a week ago we told you about the making of this blockbuster, protracted, a book. The creaking of the future was rewritten dozens of times from scratch, many ideas were born, but not implemented. And here the author of the said study Dustin McNeil shared some details about what could have happened to Jason Verizon in this crossover.

Jason — the phantom of the Opera (from the screenplay for “Freddy vs Jason” 1998)

In this version, the teenagers arrive at camp Crystal lake that you’re tripping on drugs. One of the guys walking through the woods, meets Jason, however, takes a glitch and not frightened. On the contrary, laughs at the clumsiness of a man with a machete, even a drag on it an old hockey mask to reveal a face. And here you fuckwad still laid bricks. He just doesn’t care if it’s real or a glitch. Before him a monstrous mertveca mug! He lets go of the mask, and she whacks Jason in the jaw with such force that the plastic cracked. Him break away pieces, leaving the most ugly facial features Voorhees open.

Realistic Jason (from the screenplay for “Freddy vs Jason” 1994)

Using the approach of the film “New nightmare Wes Craven,” the authors transferred the action to our reality, where the events of “Friday the 13th” — it’s just movies and nothing more. The story focuses on the real Jason Voorhees, Which we have obtained, never seen before. And the differences are striking. First, his mother died of ovarian cancer in 1969 and never killed anyone. That is, all the murders at Crystal lake have made Jason. He’s a maniac, but still. As the script describes it, “it’s not hideous mutant appearing in other films about Jason, but a very real man. However, it is equally terrible, and his body is covered scars from countless battle wounds”.

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Jason vs Jason X (from the screenplay for “Freddy vs Jason” 1994)

The final draft must be deployed in a shopping center on elm street, where Freddy sends in all their nightmares. Driving past the movie theater is close, realistic Jason notices the stand advertising the film “Jason 2010”. The poster depicts a futuristic Cyber-Jason with glowing red eyes. Suddenly, the poster comes to life, and an enhanced double Voorhees attacks him. Between them is a spectacular bloody showdown. Noel Cunningham later said in a documentary “Crystal lake Memories: the Complete history of Friday the 13th” by Peter Breaks that the concept of a futuristic Jason arose due to this unused version of the old script.

Jason from hell (from the screenplay for “Freddy vs Jason” 1995)

This story is about a satanic sect whose members return of Jason Voorhees from hell. Coming from red-green magic of the vortex, it looks not so like in the movie “Jason goes to hell.” He still wears the hockey mask, but it is covered with “dark chrome with angled facets”, and is clearly reminiscent of the same Jason X. The script was accused that he was “still terrible, they say, it’s a regular slasher Darth Vader”. And although the mask of Jason was perfected in hell, his body remained as dead as before, and rot and decay increased. Later, one of the characters tries to deal with Jason with the chainsaw, and from the wounds on his body, spilling maggots and green pus.

Franken-Jason (from the screenplay for “Freddy vs Jason” 1995)

The very first draft of the script for “Freddy vs. Jason” begins in “Jason goes to hell.” We will remind that in the beginning of this film the body of a Voorhees was blowing up a SWAT team. The characters of this crossover rebuild the remains of a zombie-maniac and roughly combine them with barbed wire and fishing line. In addition, they strengthen his hands and feet with steel inserts. Finally they restore the pieces of his hockey mask. The script describes the fruit of their labors: “Jason looks in the spirit of the’ 90s… and hard.” However, to sew the body parts of Jason, was the easiest part of the job. After that, the Teens must find a new heart for transplantation and return to Voorhees to life.

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Nightmare rage of Jason (from the screenplay for “Freddy vs Jason” 1998)

The final version looks bad for Jason and the protagonist of the film. They both ended up in the trap of his own dreams and, apparently, helpless against Freddy. At this point, the heroine realizes that she’s time it’s her dream, then it can be controlled. “This is my nightmare. And in my nightmare Freddy feels pain. In my nightmare, Freddy’s bleeding! And in my nightmare Jason wins! My nightmare is over and yours begins!” After these words have to close Hibari Jason rises. His body starts shaking the shaking, coming from the smoke. Jason shouts. As describes this scenario: “Every fiber, vein and muscle on his body bursts. He turns into a clumsy, boiling, mutated abomination. Jason was the epitome of clean and full of rage Lizzie – the walking nightmare!”

Hell, I’ll tell you honestly, all of this nonsense blows, and at the same time I want to see it. Many of these ideas could easily shoot a movie. Realistic Voorhees we have already received the remake 2009. Hell Jason will appear in the “Friday the 13th”. And yet there is still much to implement in one form or another. In the form of film, animation, comics, etc

I want to believe that Jason would live.

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