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Six factors that can spoil the waist

Шесть факторов, способных испортить талиюIt turns out that there are certain factors that contribute to excess weight around the waist.

Nutritionists from Austria called 6 main reasons that can lead to similar results.

You don’t get an adequate amount of sleep. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Lack of sleep can cause serious consequences for your waistline. Studies show that nevirapine people consume 300 calories a day more than those sleeping 7 to 8 hours. Additional calories you need to replenish lost in a dream of energy.

Figure in the shape of an Apple.

If this is the type of shape, then you are predisposed to gain weight around the waist, not on thighs or buttocks. It is a genetic component, and you remove weight from that area of the body will be incredibly difficult.

A sedentary way of life.

The most obvious reason for weight gain, especially around the waist. If you have a sedentary job, take short breaks to get up and move.

The wrong fats.

Eating large amounts of saturated fat in the form of meat and dairy products can lead to the accumulation of visceral fat, which is often transformirovalsya in excess weight around the waist.

The level of stress.

If you are almost permanently under stress, you often cause excessive amounts of subcutaneous fat. In this case, for an increase of excess weight responsible stress hormone cortisol.

Late dinners.

Eating at late hours of the day does not give time for the body normally convert fat into energy while you sleep. In addition to excess weight gain this habit can cause indigestion and heartburn.

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