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Six driving tricks which are not told in schools

Шесть водительских хитростей, о которых не рассказывают в автошколахDeal with issues that are silent in schools.

People before they become drivers learn in driving school and exams. But neither there nor in the exam they do not explain how to use certain things in the car, said svpressa.


The most common mistake is setting and lifting of the machine guard from a distance. This is wrong. Press the button on the key FOB the alarm better in the vicinity of the vehicle.

When opening or closing the machine from a distance, the signal from the key FOB is very easy to spy, then to open and steal the car without much noise. In addition, the habit of the citizens to open the car for 15-25m before it is used by the Snatchers. They hide on the back side of the car, open the door when you shoot the guard, grab something valuable from the shop, what is on your mind and run away.

2.The handbrake
Some drivers of cars with automatic wonder: why do we need the handbrake if there is a mode “Parking”? In fact it is needed in order to protect the gearbox. If you do not tighten the handbrake on a slope, the load on the retaining will have on the gear box.
With this load box handles, but if someone you would hit on the Parking load may be so strong that the gearbox will fail. In the end, it is necessary to repair not only the body but box.
The correct sequence of actions, when the car into the Parking lot like this. Stop, keep your foot on the brake, move the lever to “Parking”, tighten the handbrake, and only then release the brake pedal. Thus the car will keep the brakes, not the box.

3.Disabling the front airbag
Many people know where the switch is located front airbags. Usually at the end of the torpedo on the passenger side or in the glove box. And usually to turn it, you need something to insert inside. Someone runs a screwdriver, someone is trying to turn it with a fingernail or some other improvised tools. In fact, everything is easier. This hole always just exactly under the tip of the ignition key.

By the way, if you have a car with Keyless entry, you should know that the physical key you also have, hidden in the body of the keychain.

All vehicles have a height Adjuster of a seat belt. But few who use it, because few people know about its existence. Actually it’s simple: click on the clip and pull loop on b-pillar upwards or downwards. The correct location of the belt is when it passes through the center of the shoulder.

5.Automatic door lock
Everyone knows that in the cabin there is a button lock and unlock car doors. But not everyone knows that if you hold the button for 2 seconds, then a beep and will turn on automatic door locking when driving. To disable this function, again hold the button for two seconds. The feature works on almost all modern machines, but on older it may not be.

6.Rear view mirror
On modern machines is increasingly called upon salon rearview mirror with the function of autodetermine to the back of the machine does not blind the driver through the mirror. But machines without this feature, too, is protection from glare.
Notice the lever at the bottom of the mirror? Pull it (or Vice versa move it to the windshield), the mirror will change the angle and the light will no longer fall into the eye. Pull the lever back, and the mirror will return to its original position – to set it again is not necessary.

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