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Sister act: review of the film “the Curse of the nuns” (2018)

In a secluded monastery hidden in the wilderness of the Romanian forest, a young nun commits a mysterious suicide. The Vatican sends to the investigation of the priest and the young novice, possessing an uncanny ability to see what is inaccessible to others. Upon arrival, they discover that the walls of the monastery are keeping a terrible secret associated with the name of an ancient demon Balak, which is in the guise of creepy nuns.

Another spin-off of the outstanding horror series , the Conjuring, in theory, could come only on the same mistake – once again using the already well memorized by the attentive audience, it finally turned the franchise into a working, but not such a promising pipeline. However, the producer and the godfather of all movies of this mini-universe James van certainly anticipating such a move, and launched a solo demon Balak (aka – the title Nun) in the distant Romanian wilderness, entrusting the Director to the author of the horror film “Out of darkness” Corina hardy. And this time, sadly to admit it, the Maestro was completely the wrong choice.

The sad thing is that hardy has perfectly got the idea of a van with a rabid promotion of the audience for “horror attraction”, but attended part of the recipe for a good horror film, which States that any daring attraction you need to start carefully to build. Read – the cover is interesting, logical and fascinating story. Neither one nor the other, nor the third characteristic of”Nun” has – it can be called a chamber of horrors, which is jumping out of the corners of the cardboard monsters, but there is no walls, no ceiling, no direction signs for visitors.

Starting approximately 20 minutes, the screenplay puts a fat point in the explanation of motivation as heroes, and opposing them is evil, then the viewer is left alone with stamps, sluggish twists and a complete lack of adequate explanations. What the hell Balak all these games of cat and mouse with the aliens from the Vatican, if you can simply deal with them and continue to do their dark deeds? When one of the characters evil spirit was buried alive – as his companion guessed that rings a bell in the night from an abandoned cemetery that he, and not some spooky Ghost? Why is the demon not even trying to destroy the only relic capable of stopping him, or the key that locked the entrance to his lair? And a few dozen questions that appear during playback, still waiting for a response, which simply does not and never will be.

The main characters are exhibited here stupid hamsters that demon over and over again throws one and then the other “toy”-a response to which they blindly pecking, while making the most inexcusable for the genre of the error – constantly dividing, completely ignoring the safety measures and trusting only intuition or, in the case of heroine Farmiga, strange “sixth sense”. The same feeling, by the way, one of the recurring dreams tells the young lady solving one of the mysteries, which she later has to face. Only here the irony is that this “mystery” without any signs divined a fool, seeing more than a clear hint. So what was to fence so much of mystery?

Some scenes seemed to be borrowed from the other, unlike the more successful films: the nun, rising from the water, sends greetings to “It”, the crowd stood frozen in place a zombie nuns seemed to have escaped from similar scenes in “silent hill”, and moving along the wall, the shadow came directly from the second “Curse”. Own spooky surprises “Nun” works on the strength of a couple, the rest look is obtained only with a yawn.

Thank you for that in visual terms the film is still left, something to please. Surprisingly well proved to be the younger sister of Faith Farmiga of “Spells”, Taissa – the girl is fine “pulls” their role and to live like a modest nun she turned out to be much more convincing than her on-screen colleague Damian Bashiru – show veteran priest (Yes, he’s macho playboy is more like than the Holy father!). Nice to create mood and gorgeous location filming – the real Transylvanian castles, which would not hesitate to move himself Dracula. But in this barrel of honey was a place particularly bitter tar – computer special effects in some episodes (especially in the scene of the call of the demon) is horrible, and the camera sometimes begins to shake wildly, as a low-budget crafts for TV.

“The curse of the nuns” is a major disappointment on almost all fronts and the weakest to date of the franchise. And the main problem is not the stupid scenario and not stereotyped, and that the film is just not even able to make the viewer flinch. And to scare you even more. Hopelessly stupid story malosedobnaya served with a sauce made of a non screamer, and the output is forgettable spectacle, is simply not worthwhile five minutes, for example, the same “Curse Annabel”.

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