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Sinister “Box” opens. New poster

If you once liked the “Curse of Annabelle,” you surely will not deny myself the pleasure to see the next picture from the same Director. John R. Leonetti prepared for the audience another story that hardly anyone will be surprised but like it may.

Talking about the horror film “the Box”, which in the original, of course, is not a “Box”, but Wish Upon. I remember the chief editor of Horror Zone already bombed on the strange Russian localizations, mentioning this tape.

Meanwhile, before the premiere of this horror is not so much. And for this reason the creators have rolled out the final poster that we have now and check it out. In addition, a week ago, we were pleased with the third trailer for “the Box”. All the videos the pictures look professionally and firmly. Leonetti, better known by the operator works to such famous films as “the Mask,” “Mortal Kombat”, “Dead silence” and “the Spell”, again produced work of high quality. However, whether the audience to captivate the plot devised by screenwriter Barbara Marshall?

Loser of adolescence finds a mysterious box that grants wishes. Now she will get even with all who laugh at her, but what fee will ask for the box instead?

Ad school — the theme seems to be not aging, but all of these things with a vengeance, and implacable retribution… it seems that this was already enough. Well, at least the meat of the scene should be fun. In addition, the “Box” had accumulated a good cast: Joey king (the Conjuring), Shannon Purser (“Very strange things”), Sydney Park (“the Walking dead”), Ryan Phillippe (“I know what you did last summer”) and radiant Sherilyn Fenn (“twin Peaks”).

Well, we’ll see what happens. “Box” will be opened in Russian cinemas on July 13 this year.

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