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“Sinister 3” – kin will not

Five years ago, the cheap horror movie “Sinister” directed by Scott Derrickson very successfully proved himself at the box office and received a well-deserved approval of the public, albeit coupled with mixed reviews from critics. Continued not long in coming – a dark demon Bagul is back in 2015 in the second part, the script is also written Derrickson, but driving was a different Director, Ciaran Foy. The budget has tripled, but expensive decorations are not saved the picture from the fate of being cursed – this time, critics and audiences agreed in the verdict “failed”. In fairness it should be noted that the scenario in the picture is really not that bad, albeit much weaker than the first part, and a cruel joke probably played it a weak performance and lackluster actors in the foreground. However, Scott Derrickson did not abandon hopes to continue the franchise. In jest or in earnest, in an interview he stated that he would like to shoot a dozen pictures of the bloody adventures of the Bagul.

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However, during a recent Facebook chat, the film’s producer Jason Blum (also responsible for hits such as “Astral”, “the purge” and “Paranormal activity”) answered the question of a fan about a possible continuation of the series “Sinister” – and the answer is unlikely to please those who were waiting for the return of Bagul:

There is no “Sinister 3”. We are not all well went with the “Sinister 2”. Not enough people went to the cinema for this movie, which is very sad. I am often asked: “do you have any professional failures?”. Of course, I often suffer professional setbacks. Some of our films to be great, some not so. Sometimes films are for ideas, sometimes for money, it’s all difficult.
As for “Sinister 2” – I’m really proud of this film. Not going to point the finger at someone to blame for the failure, except ourselves. But I think that was the wrong release date, the film was not advanced, and it’s very sad, because Bagul was so interesting, scary, iconic character. I would like to continue his line, but, sadly, this is not possible – at least in film. Recently I had Breakfast with Scott Derrickson that I have not seen because of his filming in London. We talked about many things, mentioned “Sinister”, but about the third part, sadly, didn’t happen.

On the one hand, the second part really came out not very successful and the likelihood that subsequent sequels would correct the situation. But on the other hand it’s really a pity that such a vivid villain, Bagul as, quickly left the big screens. What do you think?

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