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Single people likely to develop mental illness

Одинокие люди склонны к развитию психических заболеванийAll of these people were participants of the national survey of mental health conducted in England.

Discovered another negative side of loneliness – it gives people an increased tendency to develop mental illness.

Single people are at increased risk of developing mental illness, this was stated by French scientists from the University of Versailles at Saint-Quentin-EN-Yvelines. In favor of the opinion of experts say the results of analytical work: researchers have verified data 20.5 per thousand people aged 16 to 64 years.

In these projects gathered data on weight and height of people, as well as the presence or absence of alcoholic or narcotic dependence. In addition, researchers were interested in how dense and extensive social contacts of respondents.

After examining the entire dataset, the experts stated: the tendency to mental disorders more common in people who live alone.

“In all the years, all ages, men and women have observed a positive correlation between a lonely life and the development of mental disorders. In different subgroups of loneliness increased the risk of developing mental illnesses 1.39–2.43 times” – has specified experts.

They recalled that the quality of life related to his mental condition, regardless of age and gender. Report on the work of scientists published in the journal PLoS ONE.

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