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Singer zatrollit for trying to correct the gaffe with the Russian anthem

Певицу затроллили за попытку исправить ляп с российским гимном Re-performance of the anthem Network users are not impressed.

Singer Christina Gacka has become a real Internet star after he embarrasses with the anthem of Russia in the final of the world championship on bandy (bandy).

Not helped the girl, even trying to rehabilitate, when she quails a Capella song, sitting on the bed in calm conditions. In Russia epic zatrollit singer, looking up at the laughter of her performance on bis. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Internet users literally blew up the network of sarcastic comments address Jmackay under videos Sofa experts scoff at the girl.

“Why are you sitting then?!!! We ought to sing!”; “Get no better, almost the same. He sings like a child on the potty”; “For me and the quail is not particularly good. But what the hell can be on next season to try again and who can appreciate”; “So if vocal is not by nature, then they are home and will not appear. And this video proves that its God has the brains hurt”; “Can video from soul to send, also normally sing,” the Troll girl by the Russians.

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