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Singer Natalia Shturm 12 years suffers a beating ex-wife for my son

Singer Natalia Shturm was the guest of the program “live”: the artist came to reveal the truth about the relationship with the ex-spouse with a multimillion-dollar fortune. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Natalia Shturm

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Natalia divorced by Igor Pavlov 12 years ago. However, throughout this time he continues from time to time to beat her! Even in the Studio the singer came in with pepper spray if she will have to once again face the former lover in anger.

“Throughout all these years we communicate — we have a common son. And I think not only this. Once he called me, so I took piano. We came with cameras and filmed from before, what happened”, — said Natalia.

The broadcast showed footage of the scene: ex-husband accused the singer of stealing the property, and stated that she must immediately leave the house. As it turned out, attacks of aggression has happened to this man after alcohol consumption. Natalia sure to alcohol the former chosen one addicted new girlfriend named Helen: “He becomes an inveterate drunkard tremendous pace for several years. I noticed after a son.”

Natalia Shturm

Son of Natalia now lives with dad, because he pays for an elite school Arseny. Five days the boy spends with his father, then on the weekend comes to mom. But Igor himself denies the words of former wife: “She loves two things: money and herself. I’m 13 years raising a son she rarely sees, for four months lost, and it’s just easier”.

Natalia says she had planned to go on this period with his son to Spain, but her father forbade the trip and she had to go alone, but she didn’t stop to chat with the heir.

For all questions about why the Assault did not take his son to him, she replied that the boy loves his father, but also fears that the man in this case may disinherit a son, leaving all the property of a new wife.

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