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Singer Linda presented the new song and tell what is going on in her life

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In the 90-ies of the singer Linda (Svetlana Gaiman) was at the peak of popularity and gathered and recorded one hit after another. In the beginning Linda together with her lover, producer and composer Stefanos Korkolis went to live in Greece. Nine years later, the singer returned home, but to regain its former glory it has already failed. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

29 APR Linda was 40 years old. On the eve of the birthday, the star gave a press conference at which he unveiled a new single, “Pox” and told about the creative plans. Reporters asked the actress if she wanted to regain popularity and return to the airwaves.

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Linda answered quite categorically: “Relations with radio stations is critical, but in principle I absolutely do not care. I don’t like the format, don’t want to think about how to “clean up” the sound, reduce notes and write a more intelligible words. This is my music, it’s so, and I’m not going to change anything. I also don’t care will be my song a hit or not. About hits I think is less likely. Everyone will perceive my work the way I want: some will rejoice, some will send, and someone will remain indifferent. I’m not trying to please everyone — it is similar to schizophrenia”.

Several years ago, the actress said that she is unable to combine work and personal life, so music is in her life comes first. As things stand at the moment, and if Linda has not changed their opinions, found out the correspondent

“I have a family (in which she was born), and I was happy with everything in my life. And God forbid that it be so forever. And the meaning of my life is to leave behind another life. This can be expressed in completely different ways, even in music,” said the artist.

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