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Singer Lily Allen spoke about the death of a newborn son, condemned in the Network


31-year-old British singer Lily Allen (Lily Allen) came in for severe criticism from the fans after he admitted he suffers from bipolar disorder and PTSD.

It all started with a post on Twitter: Lily decided to stand up for migrants and published a post, where for the sake of irony replaced the word “migrant” and “Muslim” with “pensioners”. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“I don’t hate all retirees, only the extremists. Don’t you see how this country seized by extremists, pensioners”, — wrote the singer.

Lily Allen

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However, many do not understand this sarcasm, and some members and all reminded the artist that her opinion is in principle debatable, because she was treated for mental illness.

At this statement, Lily was unable to answer. The singer confirmed that indeed received treatment — due to the loss of a newborn baby in 2010. “I was lying in a hospital bed, a dead boy trapped between my legs halfway in ten hours,” she said.

But the haters decided to bring Lily to the end. Some began to blame the loss of a child singer: “If Lily didn’t do drugs, she wouldn’t have a miscarriage”.

The singer immediately responded that it was not a miscarriage, and childbirth in early pregnancy, and the baby strangled by the umbilical cord. Then Allen gave at the time an account his assistant Dennis, which still meets the subscribers to the various comments.

Now Lily, with husband Sam Cooper, the owner of a construction company, and has two daughters: five-year and four-year Ethel Marley rose Cooper.

Recall that Lily Allen had two failed attempts to become a mother. At the end of 2007, a 22-year-old Lily Allen and her boyfriend, 37-year-old lead singer of the band The Chemical Brothers ed Simons, announced the pregnancy. To the expectant mother rested and recovered before a difficult period, the couple went on a romantic holiday in the Maldives, where Lily lost the baby. Shortly after the tragedy, the couple broke up.

In 2011 the singer married Sam Cooper. The reason to get married was just the second miscarriage of the singer. The baby was born dead much earlier than scheduled. This time, however, the United lovers who decided to get married. And in the same year, Lily Allen became a mother! In late 2011 she gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Ethel Marie, and the next summer the couple announced about the pregnancy. In January 2013, the family again had a girl — girl Marnie rose Cooper.

Lily Allen’s daughters, 2014
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