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Singer Danko brought to the family TV and told about the health of the youngest daughter

Since the birth of the youngest daughter Agatha singer Danko (real name — Alexander Fadeyev) and his civil wife Natalia fighting for her health — the girl was born with a diagnosis of multicasts of the brain and cerebral palsy. According to doctors, a little Agatha will never be able to talk, walk, feed themselves and even recognize loved ones. However, the parents of the baby do not lose hope, and treatment is already yielding first results.

About how he and his wife are fighting for the health of his daughter, the singer said in the broadcast of “About love”. Agatha already learned to eat from a bottle, keep your head and laugh. For the baby it is a great achievement.

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Mom Danko Elena Ilinskaya for a long time did not take “special” granddaughter and tried to persuade his son to abandon her. Now, however, the woman became loyal attitude to Agatha.

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According to Elena, she couldn’t bear this cross. “It was their decision, you never know what I’d do. If it was many years ago, I would not have taken on this burden. I had a lot of activities and interests, and to enslave I could not,” admitted Elias.

Care of Alexander and Natalia about his sick daughter has become an example for many parents who find themselves in a similar situation. The couple claim to believe in the best and not to give up.

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