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Since March, Ukraine is expected to increase electricity tariffs

С марта в Украине ожидается рост тарифов на электроэнергиюOn March 1, the tariffs for electricity will grow on average by 25%.

In Ukraine from 1 March rise in electricity tariffs from 1.29 to 1.68 UAH UAH, thus will have to pay 26% more.

This is the fifth and last stage electricity price hike. For residents of towns and villages, including those with electric cookers, the rates will be as follows: up to 100 kWh per month – 90 kopecks., more than 100 kWh per month – UAH 1.68.

It should be noted that the regulator NKREKU removed average rate: previously, the distribution of prices was as follows: up to 100 kW from 100 to 600, more than 600 kW.

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Separate rates will apply for those who heat homes with electricity. This category of consumers will pay for 90 kopeks per kWh up to 3000 kWh per month, more than 3000 kW/h – UAH 1.68 per kWh.

Also in April, we can expect allocation of natural gas prices for the population, which could lead to another rise in rates. February 23, the Cabinet of Ministers approved the procedure for revision of retail prices of gas for population and enterprises Teplokommunenergo (CTV), according to which the first repricing can be carried out from 1 April.

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In addition, the expected increase of tariffs for services “Ukrposhta” by almost half, but not from March 1 and later. The decision still must be registered with the Ministry of justice. The national Commission exercising state regulation in the sphere of communications and Informatization (NCCIR) approved the increase of tariffs for the carriage of postal cards, letters, parcels – by 59.6%, of parcels to Ukraine – by 22%.

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