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Simple ways to reduce blood pressure

Несложные способы снижения артериального давленияHigh blood pressure threatens a stroke.

Any national and natural ways of treatment should be used only after consultation with your doctor.

A regular physical activity. In order to thoroughly reduce blood pressure, it is necessary to increase the functionality of the heart.

Thus, our main pump it would be better to pump the blood through the body, which reduces the pressure on the walls of the arteries. Regular physical activity contribute to this, especially cardio like swimming and Jogging.

The amount of salt in the diet to a minimum. Salt contains sodium which is one of the main factors in the increase in blood pressure has been confirmed in multiple studies. Not necessarily to completely abandon salt, but limit its use to a minimum.

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Less alcohol. Scientists have repeatedly proven that alcohol leads to pressure surges and increases the likelihood of hypertension by as much as 16%.

There are also drinks that help lower blood pressure. First on the list is hibiscus tea. It helps to remove excess fluid from the body. It saves many people who have hypertension.

The second drink that is green tea. If you take one or two cups a day can help to reduce the risk of hypertension by fifty percent.

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Third in this list is the juice from the pineapple. Its components are potassium and ascorbic acid. Due to its natural properties, similar to aspirin. It is recommended to use even to those people who have experienced a stroke or have atherosclerosis.

Juice from beets is a good way to improve muscle blood flow. It significantly strengthens the heart. There are a lot of good for us nitric acid.

Also oatmeal is the most healthy food for people who suffer from hypertension.To such conclusion the American researchers.

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