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Simple ways to get rid of a headache without medication

Простые способы избавиться от головной боли без лекарствDo not have to run to the pharmacy and stuff themselves with pills, use more gentle methods

Stress, bad weather, traffic jams and many other everyday activities can adversely affect the health and cause headaches.

How to get rid of pain without pills.


If the pain caught at work and no opportunity to lie down and rest, do the exercise for relaxation. Sit back on the chair, close your eyes. Imagine that you are on the ocean. In the body and mind a feeling of lightness.
Then SIP drink a glass of warm water.


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If the headache you experience discomfort in the occipital region and neck, to ease the state can help massage the neck area.

For this it is sufficient to massage your neck, shoulders and along the spine. This will help to relieve the spasm with parietalnyh muscles and enhance the outflow of blood from the head.

Facial gymnastics

To relieve muscle spasm, massage your head with gentle circular motions as if you wash your hair. Then do exercises for the face. Experts say that facial exercises good relieve tension of the facial muscles, which can also be a cause of headache.

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Here are some simple exercise: slowly lift and lower the eyebrow, close the eye and roll the eyeball; with mouth open move your jaw to the right and to the left; pogrebenie.

Fresh air

Often the head starts to hurt from lack of fresh air, especially during the heating season. You should regularly ventilate the room. If, for example, in the office there is no possibility to open Windows, then find the opportunity several times a day to go outside or to the balcony.

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