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Simple ways to brighten your smile

Простые способы сделать свою улыбку белоснежнойIt turns out that there are several ways to make your teeth white, without recourse to the dentists.

To teeth always remained white enough to use a few simple tips.

First, you need to change your diet and, second, to properly care for the oral cavity. Using a few simple tips that we have described in detail in the article, you will be able to brighten your smile.

Diet “smile”. If you drink a lot of coffee, tea, red wine, colored juices and drinks, you can be sure that they are the culprits in staining of enamel in yellow or gray. These drinks, of course, can be replaced, for example, green tea, mineral water, milk, etc., which do not leave pigments on the teeth. Keep in mind that many of the colored vegetables and fruits also stain tooth enamel. This does not mean that they need to eliminate from your diet, you should only remember to not eat food coloring for the night, and be sure to brush your teeth after eating them, so the dye as little as possible left on their surface.

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Use a tougher toothbrush. Too soft toothbrush can not cope even with cleaning the teeth from remnants of food, not to mention to wash them with food coloring.

Do not forget to remove plaque from the tongue while brushing the teeth. If you do not make the remaining in the dye will continue to stain your teeth.

Some products such as cucumbers, carrots, apples have a beneficial effect on the color of our teeth — they mechanically remove the plaque from the surface and wash away the remnants from the food by increasing the production of saliva. It is best to eat them at the end of the meal.

Eat the strawberries. It is well whitens tooth enamel, due to the contained malic acid. As part of the strawberry calcium and fluorine have disinfectant properties. Remember, after you have eaten the strawberries, brush your teeth only after an hour or two, because the malic acid softens the tooth enamel.

Use dental floss, which is in contrast to a toothbrush cleans the interdental space.

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Always brush your teeth immediately after waking up and for a few minutes before you go to sleep. Because of this, we will avoid staining of the tooth enamel as a result of night drying out of the teeth, which occurs because of reduced salivation and clean the teeth from the dye and prevent staining while you sleep.

The Council for women. If the teeth appear too yellow or gray, choose the color of lipstick, which is optically “bleached” teeth. You will help the fondant pale pink and coral tones, and fuchsia. Avoid beige, brown shades and lipsticks with a pearlescent. Also at the tanned face, the teeth appear whiter.

If no diet “whiter teeth” or a proper oral hygiene do not help to make teeth white, use the services of dental offices that currently have modern methods of whitening. And dental implants dentistry is our time that will provide absolute restoration of the aesthetic beauty of the teeth, even those for whom whitening is contraindicated or not help.

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