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Simple tricks that will help you to always look fresh

Простые хитрости, которые помогут всегда выглядеть свежо10 quick ways that will help always look after the holidays

Glowing skin, soft blush, healthy complexion – so we look back from vacation.

But after a couple weeks everything is back to normal – skin tone fades and becomes characteristic of the inhabitants of the metropolis grayish hue. However, there are tricks that will help you to always look fresh, say beauticians Emma hardy and Sarah Chapman, whose opinion leads health info with reference to


How do you clean leather? Apply a special cream, oil or foam, and then wash off with water? In principle, all right. But it is much more efficient with applying cleansers to massage the face. Light hammered movements fingertips go from chin to forehead. Then lightly PowerLite cheeks and chin. It improves blood circulation, so that the person will immediately perform a flush.

Then do not rinse tool and erase it with a damp cloth or towel. Do this stroking motion from the center to the periphery. A circular motion will only RUB the dirt and toxins in the skin.


Fill the sink with warm water and add a couple of drops of different essential oils. They need to choose depending on the needs of the skin and body. Geranium, chamomile and lavender soothe sensitive skin and help relieve stress; rose and frankincense to moisturize the epidermis and uplifting; eucalyptus and Fragaria reduce micro-inflammations; chamomile reduces redness and improves sleep.

It’s water with essential oils, try to breathe deeper for a more pronounced aroma-therapeutic effect.


To eliminate puffiness and dark circles under the eyes, in the morning before applying the funds for eyelids do massage this area. Some careful tweaks, no sudden movements and stretching work out the area under the eyes. Then perform acupressure – press the ring fingers on the dots on the lower eyelid, moving from the inner corners of the eye to the outside.


Dull complexion and micro-inflammations on the skin can indicate liver problems. To heal her and remove toxins from the body will help 100% aloe Vera juice. It can take 20-50 ml 3 times a day 1 hour before meals.

Aloe Vera juice can be diluted with water or any other juice. For effective cleansing drink should be consumed within 2-3 months.


Skin was suddenly too sensitive? Or, on the contrary, fatty? Apparently, the parameters of acid-base balance has deviated from the norm. The reasons could be many – from washing, hard tap water and unhealthy diet, excessive psychological stress or taking antibiotics. To normalize pH, you will have to change the usual means of daily care. Unfortunately, manufacturers seldom specify the pH value of the cosmetic product, more often simply write that the “normalizes pH”, but it says nothing.

Normal skin pH ranges from 4.5 to 5.5. If the skin is inclined to fat content, the pH value could be closer to 6.5–7, and it should be reduced through the use of drugs with pH 4.0 to 4.5 (light peels, tonics, scrubs, etc.). And if the skin is very dry, the pH may be, and 4.4, then it is recommended to use cosmetic oils and nourishing creams.


To eliminate dead skin cells from the skin surface need not, from time to time, and every day. Indeed, because of their accumulation on the surface of the face acquires a grayish tint. To make it more comfortable with modern gadgets.

Unlike the previous generation of devices, they do not stretch and do not poweredit the skin. Brush does not rotate, and makes a lot of microvibrations per second, cleansing the pores and skin surface.


Fill a regular balloon with a small amount of water, tie and put in the freezer. When after a sleepless night, you will need to cheer up, remove the swelling and to return the blush, remove the ball, wrap in cloth and apply to face.

Improve the liver and remove toxins from the body will help 100% aloe Vera juice

The effect will be noticeable after a couple of minutes, and the ball will be put into the refrigerator until the next emergency.


Vertical wrinkle on the forehead between the eyebrows gives the face a tired, sullen look. To remove it, many have resorted to the introduction of Botox. But there are less radical methods. First, try not to wrinkle the forehead, when working or thinking of some dilemma.

Secondly, every evening, massage the forehead and the area between the eyebrows. Zasypnica the skin between eyebrows with index finger and thumb and “roll” the fold up. It will hurt, but it will help relax facial muscles and smooth the wrinkle.


Small breathing exercises during the ritual of daily skin care will help to saturate the cells with oxygen. Take a deep breath in through your nose for 6 counts and a long exhale while I wipe the face tonic, apply the serum and cream.


Keep a jar of natural coconut oil in my bathroom. Mixing it with a spoon of baking soda or honey, to scrub that returns the skin a healthy color and glow. In addition, coconut oil perfectly removes even waterproof makeup, and even helps fight acne.

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