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Simple and inexpensive methods for the treatment of SARS

Простые и недорогие способы лечения ОРВИThe doctors outlined the most simple methods of treatment of SARS, which it is possible to use at home.

First, ill people need to understand what kind of virus it overpowered. The right thing would be to consult a district physician, to the reception to which you can go by yourself, if the body temperature does not rise, or to call a doctor to the house.

In General, the flu and SARS the symptoms are very similar, but the dynamics are very different. That is, if SARS gradually growing signs of disease, such as sore and pain in the throat, frequent sneezing and cough, body temperature rises not above 38 degrees, and so on. When a flu patient in the literally knocks down the virus, giving the following symptoms: high fever, weakness, aching bones, stuffy nose, pain on swallowing in the throat.

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How to distinguish ORVI from a flu all clear, but is the treatment of these different diseases, said doctors. It turns out that ARVI (acute respiratory viral infection) can be cured at home by simple and inexpensive methods:

1. To wear warm clothes. Colds, often referred to as SARS, it is necessary to comply with bed rest and dress warm. Wool socks are perfectly fulfilling its function of warming the feet, and the soft knitted scarf will not just warm your throat and relieve pain effect.

2. Set the room humidifier and air it every 2-3 hours for 15 minutes. If you have a quartz lamp, during ventilation can be included and can help to deal with the virus floating in the air.

3. Often wash the nose a light saline solution. In order to clear her nose of mucus and get rid of stuffiness, enough to make your own solution of warm boiled water and salt to cleanse the nasal passages, about 5 times a day.

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4. For pain in the throat, will help rinse. You will need dried medicinal chamomile or sage, from which to prepare an infusion to treat sore throat, which will need it to rinse after each meal and in between meals.

5. Inhalation with essential oils or herbs can help to ease breathing and to eliminate the cough and clear the nose. Just do not forget that the very hot steam to breathe.

Should take antiviral drugs prescribed by the attending physician and to use products that have antibacterial properties: garlic, onion, ginger and so on.

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