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Simonyan has not denied that milks “Gazprom” and “Rosneft” on 400 million rbl

Симоньян не опровергла, что доит "Газпром" и "Аэрофлот" на 400 млн.руб

Chief editor of TV channel Russia Today Margarita Simonyan has not denied the charges, Alexei Navalny, had caught her in the cut of the money for the family program “international Pilorama”. She only said that out of every 3.4 million rubles, which the NTV channel pays for this week’s episode of her family firm “gold vision”, part of it goes to the budget of Russia Today, but it is only 370 thousand with each transmission. From the rest of the money Simonyan as the author received for the year of 77 million rubles, her husband Tigran Keosayan 74 million, other members of their families – 16 million – almost 2/3 of the total budget “Saws”, including taxes. Another 240 million rubles left over every year in simonianism-kiesanowski advertising agencies, through which advertisers, first of all Aeroflot, post videos on NTV and other channels. Of course besides the money coming from RT and individual projects like the film “the Crimean bridge. Made with love”. It the couple and their relatives has mastered 300 million roubles, thus, that the fees of the film amounted to 70,8 million rubles.

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