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Silent civil war

Тихая гражданская война

My first reaction to the arrest of two Belarusian engineers was traditional for such cases: can be in UK law to include the song of Viktor Tsoi? The second question, which itself is born in the mind of the layman, is even more naive: do the police and judges do not understand the illegality of their actions?

Whatever happened to us or our neighbours prohibitions, dispersal, beatings and arrests, I can’t easily turn off in your brain the logic of the ordinary peace-time. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

However, if you look at what is happening as the quiet civil war, nothing special surprise is not. In the war, but at least there are “us” and “them”. Who shoots first is right, because it is a question of survival. And nobody is questioning anything about the illegality nor immorality of their actions. Such a war against the citizens they are without any words and conduct.




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