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Sigourney weaver starred in a parody of “Alien: Covenant” (VIDEO)

Last night the actress Sigourney weaver looked at the “late show with Stephen Colbert”. Naturally, the question arose about whether Apple’s iconic character Ellen Ripley in the movies from the universe of”Prometheus” and “Alien”, which is now engaged in Ridley Scott. The Director even confirmed recently that thinking about the digital rejuvenation Actresses to participate in one of the pictures.

The show’s host Stephen Colbert to say anything on this account could not, but he gave us something else! The program showed a parody cameo of Sigourney weaver in “Alien: Testament”!

Ellen Ripley has saved humanity from the terrible alien. However, perhaps her most dangerous enemy was Randy the medical Bay weyland Yutani…

Anyway, check out this video, it’s really funny. And by the way, recently there was a rumor that the actress has indeed starred in an inconspicuous cameo in “Testament.”

Anyway, the premiere of “Alien: Covenant” is not far off. It will be held may 18, 2017.

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