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Signs of cancer, which in time do not pay attention

Признаки рака, на которые вовремя не обращают внимание7 symptoms of skin cancer that cannot be seen.

In 99% of cases skin cancer or melanoma can be seen on the body. It can occur on large moles, birthmarks, scars

However, this malignant form are not so simple and every rule has exceptions.

According to the surgeon and clinical instructor the largest medical center in California Jeremy Davis, melanoma is one of the most aggressive types of cancer. Depending on the location, it can cause severe pain, headaches and itching. However, there are other symptoms that are easy to ignore or not pay attention.

Something under the skin
Quite often, skin cancer can spread to lymph nodes. Therefore, in the neck, groin pagpasok and can form small balls under the skin. To ignore them is almost impossible, but only to feel your fingers.

It happens very rarely in the case when the immune took the brunt, even when the cancer has started to metastasize.

Abdominal pain
Melanoma, in addition to lymph nodes may also spread to our liver. Then patients have regular and severe pain in the right upper quadrant of the abdomen, which cannot be linked to diet and lifestyle.

Breathing problems
When the melanoma has started to metastasize, that is, a malignant tumor has started to spread to other organs, it often spreads to the lungs. When the cancer goes to the lungs, then it may be shortness of breath or a persistent cough, which cannot be dissolved.

Aching joints
Our bones can also “aim” of skin cancer. Then, the person begins to ache joints. If you can’t understand, why hurt your knees or hips, you should visit the doctor.

Blurred image
Usually skin cancer affects the cells that produce the pigment melanin (melanocytes). However, you can find them on our eyes and other parts of the body. Therefore, in some cases, there may occur the primary signs of cancer in these places.

If melanoma develops in the cells located in the eye, then one begins to see blurry images and generally strongly and rapidly deteriorating vision. You may also experience strange pigmentation or color changes.

Melanoma quite often comes along with stomach problems. Our gut also contains some melanocytes, which may form a malignant tumor. Again, to ignore it is impossible, but a person feels constant bloating, diarrhea, constipation, and just a lot of pain.

In the human brain also contains melanocytes, so there also may occur a hidden cancer. This is usually characterised by strong and regular headaches, seizures and cognitive dysfunction (impaired memory, imagination). The same symptoms arise when the cancer appeared in the skin and spread to the brain.

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