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Signals to Putin: why citizens show that the state “Fig”

Звоночки Путину: почему граждане показывают государству "фигу"

Society openly shows the accumulated irritation. Collective action in defiance of the authorities are in different forms and on different occasions

The alternative to “independence”

Recently, the Russian society increasingly shows the state of the Fig, finding different ways to get it out of my pocket. In itself, this demonstration may seem dubious civil valor. Anyway, tireless agitators for the dispensation in Russia “Maidan” and the accusers of the slavish nature of Russian people, this behavior seems pathetic.
Show completely…

But it is easy to condemn the Russians from a safe far away where no repressive organs of the Russian state, nor his evil helpers like mercenary “Kremlin chef” Prigogine, whose structures as it turned out, not only to write nasty things on the Internet, but, as they say, a razor slash. Street protest is, of course, very spectacular, but in terms of Russia is fraught with quite serious consequences.

In addition, due to the specifics of Russian geography and demographics, the poor and disaffected citizens of our country are scattered over a vast territory and do not have the practical ability to get his protest on the streets of Moscow. Protests in other Russian cities do not cause much interest: in fact a unitary state, where power and money concentrated in one place, taking place outside the capital still has very little political sense.

However, citizens seek and find new opportunities to convey to the government that it is not ready and does not want to know about yourself.

The case of elections

In recent elections in the Republic of Khakassia, Russian society once again demonstrated its maturity: it is ready to participate in the legal system and political procedures, in order to convey to the government his attitude towards it, in the hope that the signal will be heard. The problem is that the power to it completely unprepared.

By themselves, the mechanisms of representative democracy is designed to convey to the leaders is quite clear the people’s wishes presented on their behalf by their elected representatives. In Russia everything is much more complicated: the state, obviously suspecting their citizens into unconsciousness and tendency to raise inconvenient for the government, has deprived them of the opportunity to vote for those who really like or at least can without equivocation to name of government list of grievances. Therefore, citizens or shying away from the elections, or vote for someone who has at least a slim chance to defeat the puppet government. In both cases, the signal upstairs is clear: your candidates we don’t like and much more around.

The behavior of the authorities after receiving a signal makes think again about the adequacy of those senior officials who determine domestic policy in Russia. In General, their reaction is to insist on the thesis that citizens are wrong, so they choose those whom they recommended, and it is necessary to explain many times in all possible ways. That is, the people as the Supreme power of the media — there is a joke in the Constitution — wrong. As unelected Administration officials — no, because in Russia only they know who should be Governor, mayor, MP and anyone. The administration is known whose — President, and President in Russia has long been prescribed to be considered infallible and omniscient in all its manifestations and appointments.

The fate of the elect contrary to the original plans of the Kremlin governors is unlikely to be happy: in today’s Russia, the Governor has little in everything almost depends on the goodwill of the Moscow authorities. Since the Yeltsin era-established pattern of punishment undesirable choices of people not to give money, send checks, poison in the media. Therefore, contrary to the elected governors or are doomed to become at any cost for their power or to leave his post ahead of schedule, with the scandals and maybe even criminal cases.

However, the outcome of the vote in the Republic of Khakassia is a curious fact that this time the government tried to work at disrupting the elections, saying that here’s vote for or against a single candidate — it’s not serious, so vote against it, and then you will select the “people’s Governor”. Nevertheless, it is important to record the fact that contrary to the propaganda of the authorities people not just voted for him objectionable candidate, but have done it quite massively. Get Konovalov 51 percent of the vote — would have found a way to dispute anything and to cancel and thereby achieve their own, but 57 per cent — this is serious. In one particular Khakassia, the authorities did nothing — neither to conduct his own candidate, nor to disrupt the vote for the inconvenient.

As it was necessary to get people in the 19th year of construction vertical, that they with such enthusiasm did the opposite to what they are seeking power, and not just local: all it perfectly saw who supported Putin in the first round, and as his appointee acted in anticipation of the second.

The case of magazine The New Times

The story of the magazine The New Times is a story about the protest, perhaps the most painful for the government type: financial. Money is the true and almost the only relic? Apparently, they do everything only for the money and purely for them, and therefore believe that everyone else live in Russia as well. So the whole campaign of the Russian authorities against their opponents boils down to the accusation that they scolded her for the money and for the money, and other motivations there at all. Accordingly, the method of dealing with opponents is also selected in this logic: continuing to withdraw money from them to fight with the government was the most costly and troublesome affair — then, they say, they will quickly give up and cease to interfere.

With this approach, mocking the award the magazine the New Times fine of 22 million, which was understandable. But that required money were able to gather for a few days and not a few rich people, in the cynical logic of power does not fit.

In fact, raising money for The New Times was another demonstration of power very unpleasant for her fact: the opposition is not confined to a few loud and well-known names. Thousands of people not afraid to get in on the action, knowing that this activity will be recorded and analyzed. And to participate not like in the social network, not signing petitions, and ruble and his honest name.

The same happened with the campaign Alexei Navalny: despite the ongoing public lies about the money of foreign governments, the true source of the opposition Finance authorities are well known — it is the very people, on behalf of the majority which she loves to perform. News just in that the method of collecting money for something in defiance of authority works not only in Bulk but also in other situations.

In a situation with the magazine The New Times, characterized by the fact that he came to the aid of not only his readers, but also a much broader circle of citizens, which was important to demonstrate not so much support a particular edition, as the rejection of the policy of the state towards opposition media.

His reluctance to communicate with opponents and hear a different part of society the government gradually creates a potentially dangerous situation for yourself when any opposed entity is guaranteed to receive the widest possible financial support just because he is ready to continue to be against it. To put it bluntly, consistently be against the government in Russia can become a very profitable business — and not because in a critical situation money send mythical state Department, but because they will give the neighbor, and thousands of strangers who are important just to show their opposition and disagreement.

Case with students

You should not have any illusions about the scale of the flash mob with students writing on classroom boards laconic and insulting inscriptions about the President of Russia. Yes, and to exaggerate the political significance of such labels is not worth it. Rather curious how deeply rooted among the masses the slogan of the opposition, questioning the honesty and integrity of the President of Russia.

Anyway, now any student it is known that in 2018, it is necessary to write on the Board, to bring a particularly prone to nravouchitel pathetic and stupid retelling of the TV teacher to hysteria and not to be banal bully. In addition, the news from the village of taiga in Krasnoyarsk region, which began the story, once again tells us about the true impact of alternative channels of information dissemination and the depth of their geographic and social penetration. Clearly from the schedules of Federal channels, the students heard the slogan and not to the websites of the semi-official media read it.

The Russian government is aging rapidly and becomes stupid, becomes petty, touchy, hysterical, and capricious. In the end, political life in the country turns into a relationship is not time retired teacher and derzay her high school students. She puts two, threatening and lecturing, and they openly make fun of her and provoke, because even the jokes she did not understand any stuff reacts with absurd seriousness. Take, for example, the fact that the denials by the press Secretary of the President reports that during the passage of Putin the metal detector in Singapore she rang, they rang the President, it was nothing at all!

Passing through the frame in Singapore, Putin may not be ringing, but actually it is to think seriously what is happening with him and with the country, and here and there something is constantly ringing, and in the distant villages, pupils write about him hurtful things on the chalkboard. But something tells me there are no bells and very loud calls Vladimir Putin has already can’t hear.

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