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Siemens in the trial were asked to return the turbine, sold “Technopromexport”

Siemens в суде попросил вернуть турбины, проданные "Технопромэкспорту"

At the trial in the Arbitration court of Moscow the German company Siemens asked the court to return the company “Siemens gas turbine technologies” (a subsidiary of Siemens and “Power machines”) gas turbines, sold to the “Technopromexport”, and later staged in the Crimea, reports “Interfax”.

“On the basis of the invalidity of these transactions, ask the court to apply the consequences of invalidation of transactions in the form of obasanja the actual purchaser of the equipment – “Tekhnopromexport” to return the gas turbine to their initial seller “Siemens gas turbine technology”, – said the representative of the German company Mikhail Ivanov in court.

“Technopromexport”, in his words, lied to Siemens and its joint venture “Siemens gas turbine technology” and under the pretext of construction of a thermal power plant in Taman received equipment for the construction of a thermal power plant in the Crimea.

The construction in Taman did not happen, said the representative of the German company. “In early 2015, when it was introduced because of EU sanctions, first and second TPE decided to cheat and Siemens under the pretext of implementing the Taman project to purchase equipment for the Crimea”, – he said.

Representative of “VO “Tekhnopromexport” Mergen of Dorai responded with a statement that the lawsuit concerns not Siemens violated civil rights, and the requirements for the implementation of sanctions by foreign States against the Russian Federation that “unacceptable.”

The court continues the proceedings against Siemens, OAO “VO “Tekhnopromexport” and JSC “VO “Tekhnopromexport” on recognition of deals to supply turbines void and return the turbines, which were intended for thermal power plants in Taman. Another lawsuit was filed by the joint venture Siemens and “Power machines” – “Siemens gas turbine technology”, process it postponed until December 11.

Side Technopromexport filed a counterclaim, in which it demands that the clauses of the contract relating to restrictions on the use of turbines in the Crimea, is negligible. The lawsuit alleges that a contract to supply gas turbines contain a threat to the sovereignty and security of Russia, as Siemens wanted to force the Russian company to fulfill the EU sanctions.

Later on, Technopromexport has accused Siemens of deliberately delaying the process on turbines in the Crimea and called a political issue.

Recall that a ban on the export of certain goods and technologies to Crimea – a part of EU sanctions against Russia adopted after the annexation of the Peninsula. This prohibition applies to the supply of companies engaged in the transport, telecommunications and energy sectors, and also engaged in mining in the oil and gas sector.

The scandal surrounding the supply of turbines in the Crimea broke out this summer. In July, the Agency Reuters, citing sources reported that Russia, having bought the turbine to bypass the sanctions sent them to the Crimea. This was confirmed by the group, who said that all four gas turbines for the Crimean thermal power plants were manufactured by Siemens and was put on the Peninsula in the circumvention of EU sanctions.

In “assistance” claim that “Technopromexport” has acquired four sets of gas-turbine plants “from the secondary market” and then upgraded them on the Russian factories. However, it does not specify who is the manufacturer of the equipment.

Siemens broke agreements with Russian companies to supply equipment for power plants, and has also filed a lawsuit against the structures of “Rostec”, JSC and OJSC “Technopromexport”.

German company contested two contracts: first – the supply of gas turbines, signed in March 2015 is between “Siemens gas turbine technology” and JSC “Technopromexport”; the second – on the resale of these turbines, OOO “Tekhnopromexport” (contract awarded in October 2016). In addition, Siemens intends to get the equipment back. Similar requirements are contained in the complaint “Siemens gas turbine technology” enterprises of Rostec.


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