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Side effect

Побочный эффект


Alarming news is coming from Russia, — reported the Washington Post, “wall street journal”, BBC and other mouthpieces of a free and democratic media.

The Russians, inspired by the example of the Venezuelan boys Juan, Guido and provided him support, began to proclaim themselves as temporary leaders of various countries based on the simple principle: “And what have I done?”

According to the latest data, already three hundred and fifteen people declared himself acting President of France, one hundred and fourteen — the Prime Minister of Japan, two hundred and sixty — President of the United States, ninety — five percent of the Chancellor’s five — crown Prince of Kuwait and one pensioner from Saratov — the Queen of great Britain.

The foreign Ministry switched to clock mode, registering candidates and sending them the passport data is still legitimate authorities of these countries with the requirement to hold early elections within 24 hours.

Western analysts with growing unease noted that although RT and takes the political programs and statements of the acting leaders in an ironic and playful form, the electorate of these countries watch such stories with increasing attention and interest.

So, the acting President of France Yevgeny Kudryavtsev, the Turner of the fifth category from Chelyabinsk, where he promised to end the dictatorial regime of Macron, returning to France, democracy, human rights and free drinks, saw more than ten million of the French.

The next day on the streets of Paris was noticed posters: “Eugene Le Curls — our President!”

Went further acting Prime Minister of Japan, a hereditary reindeer breeder Bergen of Butthow that on the grave of his grandfather-the shaman has vowed to do everything to Japan became part of the Republic of Sakha Autonomous district, as it has no earthquakes, no tsunamis, no American bases, and the size of the territory of Yakutia is superior to Argentina. What caused in Japanese society, lively discussions, and trading networks in Tokyo is a serious high demand for fur boots and parkas, beaded. The company “Toyota” and “Nissan” immediately declared that the power of their cars, they will specify in the deer forces.

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