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“Short wave” will call something evil from other worlds (TRAILER)

American sci-Fi Thriller “Short wave” (Shortwave) completes this year its more than successful tour of international film festivals. Movie Ryan Gregory Phillips was able to attract the attention of not only critics, but also distributors. Sony Pictures together with his partner Vega Baby Releasing has acquired the rights to the film. Her plan to show in cinemas and then release the live streaming services and VOD. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

In the issue of the origin of the genre “Short-wave” critics is no unity. Edition of Maxim Magazine has called the band “the best horror film of the year”. Resource Dread Central also promised viewers a “genuinely scary sharp impressions”. At the same time, the reviewer from Bloody Disgusting! believes that “the film is more focused on the emotional resonance and relations, rather than on the horror.” And the trailer begins so lyrically, rosy, and as much as there is glare on the camera — J. J. Abrams will be jealous!

Drama? Thriller? Horror? Anyway, about “Short wave” respond primarily in a positive and enthusiastic manner. Taking part in nineteen film festivals, the film has collected a dozen awards for best cinematography, best film, directing, lead actress, screenplay and sound. Not bad, eh?

Well, finally, what the hell is a movie?

Josh and Isabel Harris, having survived the loss of their only child, move to a secluded research center on the hillside with the hope to rebuild their shattered family. After several years of trying, Josh and his colleague research Thomas fix an unexpected breakthrough in experiments, and this is due to a mysterious shortwave radio signal of unknown origin. Something inside Isabelle resonates with the signal, she’s experiencing hallucinations, immersed in memories from the past. Continuing to study this strange phenomenon, scientists are beginning to fear for the health of Isabel, while Isabel herself is afraid that the signal had attracted something sinister in their new home.

So, I like it already! I love when smacks of Lovecraftian and other worlds. And here, it seems, something is.

The role Isabel played Juanita, Ringeling (the anthology “ABCs of death”), her husband was played by Cristobal Tapia Montt (the horror, “Mother”), and colleague for some experiments — Kyle Davis (TV’s “Dexter”).

And that there is a screening of the film ordinary people? Well, the procession on film festivals for “Short wave” will end in October in Sitges, so, unfortunately, until the autumn the General public with the tape to discover just can not. We will wait for news about the American premiere, and, well, maybe, Russian distributors are also interested in short-wave horror?

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