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Shooting in the restaurant: new details

Стрельба в киевском ресторане: новые подробности The victim – a 42-year-old native of Lviv region.

The shooting in the restaurant on Pechersk, in which one man received a gunshot wound to the head, is qualified as “attempt at murder”.

“Currently, investigators qualify this incident as attempted murder. This is article 115 of the Criminal code of Ukraine under article 15 of the criminal code which provides till 15 years of imprisonment,” said Blischik.

According to her, the identity of the victim is already installed – it is a native of Lviv region born in 1975, who recently lived in Kiev.

In addition, she told the details of what happened.

“We talked to witnesses of this event, with the staff of the institution. They said that initially came to the school the victim, he sat for about 10 minutes, then approached the three men began to quarrel, and in the midst of this conflict, one of them pulled out a gun and shot the victim in the head. His condition is serious, he is in the hospital, under the supervision of physicians, provide him with necessary medical care. We also found surveillance cameras recorded three attackers, two of them – young people, one the older man. According to witnesses and eyewitnesses, they are of Caucasian appearance. Of course, their search is now focused all the outfits – the patrol and operational unit of the police of Kiev”, – said the press-Secretary of the national police.

She said that the scene was seized and sent for examination the discharged shell. Only after such studies will it be possible to say exactly whether it was a weapon of combat or traumatic.

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