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Shooting in the “Halloween” traumatized young actress Kyle Richards

Now Kyle Richards is already 48 years old and she has participated in numerous films and television series and she is one of the stars of the American reality show “Real Housewives of Beverly hills”. But the most memorable (though not in a pleasant sense) experiences in her career was shooting the iconic “Halloween” by John carpenter. In it, Kyle was playing a child, playing the role of Lindsey Wallace, where Halloween night is left to look after the girlfriend of the main character, Annie Brackett.

According to the actress, the filming process itself has brought her only pleasure. She felt no stress on the court and even played with the performer of the role of killer Michael Myers in the cards in the break between takes. No wonder 10-year-old child chose not to devote in a particularly creepy part of the plot. But when Kyle finally got to see the final version of the painting, I was terrified. The film seemed incredibly intimidating and she admitted that after watching only slept with his mother until the age of 15.

Despite the fact that Kyle has starred in horror films and before “Halloween” ( “the Car” Elliot Silverstein and “Eaten alive” by Tobe Hooper), after the tested shock, she vowed not to continue to participate in the formulation of the horror. According to her, she still sometimes seems that “someone is hiding under her bed or behind the curtains.” Yes, quite the masterpiece of the carpenter could “penetrate” at the time! The best advertisement for the classics of the genre, anyway. What horror movie scared you as a child?

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