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Shoes: how not to harm health

Обувь на каблуках: как не навредить здоровьюIt is very important to choose the right shoes, because it has a big impact on our health.

To minimize the harm to the health of the feet from the heels will help exercises for your shins, toes and feet.

Choose comfortable heels
If you have a 4-cm heel and 1 cm of this height of platform, the actual heel gets a 3-inch.

Choose a wide, solid heels, which help you keep your balance. The right shoes heel hits the ground and then the weight is transferred smoothly onto the pads of the feet.

Change shoes
Heels shorten calf and overextend the muscles. And on the other side of the calf muscles, on the contrary, stretching. An imbalance in the development of muscles, and it increases the risk of injury.

The heels don’t need to wear every day. Like sneakers or flats on a completely flat shoes: feet get used to one position. It is best to alternate shoes, so that his feet were not in the same position.

To preserve the health of the foot muscles, 3-4 times a week, follow a small set of exercises.

It is useful to get the socks on the bottom rung of the ladder and lower the heel. So stretch the calf muscles. In this position, hold for 10 seconds, then stand on tiptoe.

It is useful to walk on my heels, on the outer and on the inner side of the foot.

When you rest sitting up, rolling over the feet of a bottle of water or a massage ball.

Stretching the foot muscles
The first exercise helps against strain hammer toes, pinched nerves, marching fracture and formation of bone growths.

For starters, pull your right hand to your left foot and connect the fingers as though you were going to say Hello to his own leg. Thumb this will be free, and the other four position between the toes. In this position, you need to stay for 30 seconds. Then pull the toes down to stretch the top of the foot for 5 seconds.

Run 10 times.

Stretching of the extensors of the foot
This exercise prevents pain in the leg muscles after high exertion.

Get on your knees. Put under the feet of the roll of towels to pick up the pads stop as high as possible. Slowly lower hips on the foot until you feel tension in the front of the foot and lower leg. Hold this position for 30 seconds.

Repeat twice.

Stretching the peroneal muscles
This exercise is struggling with the lack of balance in the development of muscles of a Shin and foot, with the changes in the joints. To run a strap or rope that does not stretch.

Lie on your back, hugging the belt pads of the foot of the right leg. Raise your straight right leg, leave the left outstretched on the floor. The toes of the right foot pull and turn the foot inwards. Strap hold with the left hand. Try to pull your right leg as if looking to touch the toes of the left shoulder. You should feel tension in the calf. Hold for 30 seconds.

Repeat twice for both legs.

Stretching of the tibia
Helps to prevent inflammation of the Achilles tendon, plantar fasciitis and sprains.

Stand in a lunge position, hands on the wall. Left leg bent, right extended ago. Slightly turn your right foot so that the toe looked inside. Keep your heel from the floor, put your weight on the right heel. The hips should be parallel with the wall, the knee of the right leg is straight. Hold this position for 30 seconds.

Then move the right foot closer to the wall, bending your knee. Make sure that the sock was still looking inside, and the heel is not off the floor. Again hold for 30 seconds.

Perform the same exercise on the other leg.

Stretching of the thumb
Prevents inflammation of the tendons.

Place your thumb in the corner or on the ledge of the wall so that he looked up. The rest of the fingers and the pads of the foot should rest on the floor. Lean on the wall not only with your finger tip, and the greater part of its surface. The leg should be bent at the knee.

You need to stretch the muscle which is called the long flexor of the big toe. She comes from a finger through the foot and climbs up to the calf. This muscle works when we are rise up on your toes or stand on heels, dancing or jumping.

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