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Shocking video of shooting in Moscow

As frightening as this may sound, but we have become accustomed to such incidents in the countries of the European Union. A large number of immigrants, the relative quality of their life and various radical teachings in the context of religions lead to such tragedies.

Шокирующее видео со стрельбой в Москве

This video was published in the telegram-channel “Operas Merged” with the following comment:

“Tenants of one of houses on the street Butlerova in Moscow the evening of March 3 in an inadequate man who was attacking passers-by with a knife and called the police.
Arrived at the patrol demanded that the man put the knife and surrender, but he attacked one of the employees shouting “Allah Akbar” and, after applying a service, with wounds was hospitalized. Is checked”

Whether the inadequate religious fanatic – is unclear, but to meet with such a character in the yards of residential areas of the city I don’t want anybody. Police officers worked perfectly, and the locals are great, that time noticed the strange behavior.

The suspect in the attack on police officers is currently in the hospital, according to the authors of the video, a man named Zelimkhan Yusupov and he is the native of the Chechen Republic.

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