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Shocking stories of people who survived their own execution. Photo

Шокирующие истории людей, переживших собственную казнь. Фото

It is a miracle.

Usually the survivors after the execution of the offender repeated the procedure are not subjected to. No wonder it is the key word in the sentence is “death”, which means the inevitability of the onset of reckoning and the inevitability of execution of the awarded penalties.

In the past the fact that the criminal managed to stay alive after the execution of capital punishment was considered not only as the Providence of God, that is considered proof of innocence, sent from above. Below are six true stories about people who were able to stay alive against the law, even just nenadolgo.

1. Man Franks

Шокирующие истории людей, переживших собственную казнь. Фото

This is a photo of another penalty, 1896. This guy is likely to have far less luck than Franks

One of the Australian Newspapers was placed in 1872 a note about how the killer, nicknamed “the Man Franks” survived your own execution due to the terrible incompetence of the performers.

The very first execution was delayed for several hours as the Sheriff considered the scheduled time is not convenient. During the waiting, it was raining and soaked the rope, and prepared for execution, carried to dry over the fire.

Because of this, the rope has ceased to slide. Before you throw the noose on the neck of the convict, and the executioner had to put his foot into the loop and pull with all his strength to move firmly stuck node. Then would-be executioner tried to fix the noose around the neck of the Franks, but despite all efforts, he failed to make it as tight as it should.

In the end, from Frank sent the support, but after three minutes of unsuccessful attempts to choke, he began to twitch, begging to end the suffering and kill him finally. And since his hands were as tightly bound as the neck, it was not difficult to catch up and slide the rope from the throat, to curse the organizers of the penalty for their “hack”. Finally one of the employees cut the rope, and the long-suffering victim of justice with a dull thud met with a solid ground, as no one had thought to spread him something soft.

Needless to say that after seeing no one wanted to bring the case to the end, and the Franks reduced the sentence, replacing it with imprisonment, and the Executive authority of the new monarchical leadership of Fiji has become the subject of ridicule around the world.

2. Anna Green

Шокирующие истории людей, переживших собственную казнь. Фото

In 1650, twenty-two year old Anne green was a servant in the house of sir Thomas reed. She became pregnant by his grandson, however, did not know that bears in her womb a child. After 18 weeks, when Anna was engaged in the milling of the malt, she suddenly became ill. In the bathroom she had a miscarriage. Terrified, the girl hid the body.

At that time there was a law that any unmarried woman concealing a pregnancy or newborn baby is considered infanticide. Despite the fact that midwives fetus mothers was declared stillborn, green was sentenced to death by hanging in the courtyard of Oxford castle.

During the last words she asked to condemn “debauchery in the family in which she lived”. She asked her friends to hang on her body to accelerate the demise and they refused.

After the execution of the supposedly lifeless body was removed and taken to an anatomical theater for education students. But when the coffin was opened, the doctors found that the chest is “corpse” makes a barely perceptible breathing movements. They forgot about their original purpose and began to perform CPR with bleeding, stimulation of the respiratory reflexes and the application of a warm warmers.

The public saw this as a sign and green were pardoned. Taking with him the casket as a souvenir, she settled in another town, got married and had a baby.

3. Polupoltina Maggie

Шокирующие истории людей, переживших собственную казнь. Фото

Book cover Alison Butler “Hanging of Margaret Dickson”

Maggie Dickson got pregnant while waiting for the return of her husband-a sailor that was not a rosy situation for a woman in 1724. It is, of course, tried to hide the pregnancy (concealment was punishable by law), but she failed and she was sentenced to death by hanging.

After the execution, her family managed to take the body without giving away his butchers from medicine to dissect. While they watched Maggie’s last journey to the cemetery, they heard a knock from inside the closed coffin. Resurrection Maggie was perceived not only as the will of God. So she became a celebrity and gained the nickname “Polupoltina Maggie.” She lived another 40 years and to this day near the site of her execution is a tavern, named in her honor.

4. Inetta de Balsham

For harboring thieves, she was sentenced to death in August of 1264. Sources say that she was hanged at 9 am on Monday 16 August and left to hang until the next morning. When the rope was cut, it turned out that she was still alive. Her windpipe is deformed in such a way that the node is not able to fully limit the access of air. Miraculous rescue of Inetti attracted the attention of king Henry III, who gave her the Royal mercy.

5. Romel Broom

Шокирующие истории людей, переживших собственную казнь. Фото

Lethal injection was created as a humane, quick, painless and guaranteed remedy for the deprivation of human life. However Romel broom proved that it is not so.

In 2009, Romel was convicted of kidnapping, rape, murder and became the first criminal, after surviving a penalty with a lethal injection.

Performers for two hours trying to find a suitable vein for the drip. Iskrov whole body broom, they never found the vein, causing the effect of the drug was not guaranteed. In the end, he was sent back to his cell with a reprieve for a week.

During this time, lawyers Romel began to prove that their mentee has experienced cruel and unusual treatment of prisoners during botched executions. They managed to initiate a big movement to change U.S. law on applying lethal injections, and Romel in this case is the chief witness, whom it is impossible to execute. Broome is still alive and is awaiting Amnesty.

6. Evan MacDonald

In 1752, Ewan MacDonald got into a fight with Robert Parker and slit his throat, causing the latter died. MacDonald was convicted of murder and sentenced to death by hanging on the city wall in the English city of Newcastle.

His “corpse” was sent to the same place and the other body otmuchilsya criminals in the dissecting room of the local medical facilities. In those days doctors almost deliberately hunted for these bodies, as they were the only practical “benefits” which could legitimately study human anatomy.

Probably why McDonald was not destined to survive: when entered, the surgeon saw a terrified convict sitting on the operating table, he, without thinking, grabbed a surgical hammer and completed the job of executioner, raskroyu the offender’s skull. To say that God’s punishment overtook the doctor, when his horse mortally wounded him with a hoof to the head.

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