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Shocking state of emergency in Kiev: 3-year-old girl was in intensive care

Шокирующее ЧП в Киеве: 3-летняя малышка попала в реанимациюThe child was in intensive care after the birthday celebration in the Mall.

In Kiev three year old girl broke her arm and was in intensive care after the birthday celebration in the children’s entertainment center of Kiev.

The father told reporters that her daughter to celebrate his birthday, I booked a holiday in the shopping center “Dream Town” and acquired the services of animation, providing “a trained animator-educator” who must participate with children in contests and watch them.

He said that he couldn’t stand to be near her daughter and her guests because rides are for children.

“Under the terms of this service, by and large, be present I could not, because the attractions are exclusively for children and to be there can only children and staff that serves. After 20 minutes I brought the child unconscious with pain shock. The child has a displaced fracture. Today at two o’clock we just got out of intensive care, the operation itself lasted 2.5 hours” – said the girl’s father.

The father reported that on the territory of the shopping center no trauma.

“When the child rolled his eyes, he faints and her hand loosened in the other direction, the bone is sticking out, and I get some ice from the bar and the bandage is inadequate. I leave then with your child, and she’s got the eyes roll back and she faints,” added the man.

According to him, at this point the guards said they would not release them out of the building until they are handed the keys to the cupboard where all the left shoes.
The victim’s father himself took the baby to the hospital, and went back with the police.

“We are four of us, and they (representatives of the children’s center. – Ed.) just out of the hands begin to pull out those receipts and tell them, they say, give us your receipt and we will refund you now the 210 UAH per child a tattoo, which couldn’t be done,” he said.

In turn, the man wrote a statement to the police under article 367 “negligence”.

“Yesterday, six people carried out the operation a child, she was introduced to the anesthesia, and when I am aware of the risks of introducing medication sleep three year old child, and they tell me: “Give me the key”…. Not that I didn’t want him to return, but when it happened, I ran, and the key left in the car. Not until then was” – he was indignant.

“But if unsuccessful, it will remove the cast, re-break the legs and spokes public method to collect all. She had surgery because she had a displaced fracture at the elbow joint and three-year-old child without anesthesia this manipulation will not survive,” said the victim’s father.

At the same time, the administrator of the children’s center the incident refused to comment.

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