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Shocking facts about “Bigfoot”. Photo

Шокирующие факты о «снежном человеке». ФотоThis phenomenon still cannot explain.

In the world there are many legends and myths about Bigfoot, but no one knows it exists really or not. Although this does not prevent many artists, cartoonists and Directors to portray this creature, which referred to the human mind. So roughly we can imagine what it looks like. Some people claim that they saw Bigfoot, there is even the facts of his existence. But few people believe they actually. Interesting facts about Bigfoot, may give reason to think more seriously about its existence.

Different names of cryptid

Шокирующие факты о «снежном человеке». Фото

In different places the snow man referred to by many names: Yeti, Bigfoot, it’s a Sasquatch, almasty, Goblin, and even the APE-man.

How many lives Bigfoot?

Шокирующие факты о «снежном человеке». Фото

Scientists, based on research about Bigfoot, made the assumption that the duration of his life is 250-300 years.

Bigfoot lives in California

Шокирующие факты о «снежном человеке». Фото

Two men, Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin filmed a video in the national reserve of California, which shows a large size creature resembles a man and a monkey moving through the forest. Despite the fact that this video was filmed in 1967, on its authenticity debate today.

Hunters of “Bigfoot”

Шокирующие факты о «снежном человеке». Фото

A Gerald CRU in 1958 he presented plaster casts of Bigfoot footprints. It was later revealed that the fingerprints of an alleged Bigfoot was a regular draw. However, the “duck” had to do their job, there hunters of Bigfoot.

Yeti — polar bear?

Шокирующие факты о «снежном человеке». Фото

Oxford University Professor Bryan Sykes published a study in which he calls the Yeti to ancient polar bear. A Japanese researcher MA-koto Nebuka expressed the view that the Yeti is from the Himalayas — Himalayan bear.

Hunt Yarangas Gigi

Шокирующие факты о «снежном человеке». Фото

Hunt Yarangas Gigi — called Bigfoot in Malaysia, meaning “spirit with widely spaced teeth.” In Malaysia, the Yeti is considered a deity. There is even a chapel with a statue of Bigfoot in the national Park of Endau-Rompin, people go there to pray.

Bigfoot — alien

Шокирующие факты о «снежном человеке». Фото

But the UFO brothers-in-law believes that perhaps a Bigfoot or Yeti is an extraterrestrial creature.

The remains of Bigfoot

Шокирующие факты о «снежном человеке». Фото

Scalp Bigfoot is stored in one of the monasteries of Nepal.

In search of Bigfoot

Шокирующие факты о «снежном человеке». Фото

In 1954 was organized the first expedition in search of Yeti in the Himalayas. Ralph Issara working in the “daily Mail” headed this expedition.

The reward for Bigfoot

Шокирующие факты о «снежном человеке». Фото

In different parts of the world for the capture of Bigfoot, Yeti or Bigfoot rewarded. For example, in the U.S. state of Arizona, for the capture of the living creature will give $ 1 million.

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