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Shock drone APU immediately destroyed three of the terrorists. Video

Ударный дрон ВСУ уничтожил сразу троих террористов. Видео The place and time of attack not specified.

Three militants of the Russian-terrorist groups eliminated in the result of careful counter-attack with the use of UAVs impact on the position of the occupants. Information provided by APU officer Anatoly Stefan Stirlitz. Information he restores the corresponding video.

Previously a front-line volunteer Yuri Mysyagin reported that Ukraine’s Armed forces are rapidly embracing attack drones:

“…In some parts of the front for occupants there was a truly threatening situation, associated with attacks of their positions APU using quadcopters. Destroy everything: technique, BK, personnel and positions. Moreover, the attacks occur several times a day, both day and evening, or late at night. And this is only the initial stage of such a war, given…”

As proof of Yuri Mysyagin submitted a photo and a quote from Russian media:

“Meanwhile, in the DNI position militia drones take off for such “gifts”. Tweaked grenade RPG-7 and the metal stabilizer!”

According to Yuri Mysiagina the degree of preparation of teams of UAVs in individual units are different: someone who has become an ACE, others are just beginning. Of course, the expensive part of the UAV strays enemy or itself is out of order; however, the damage inflicted on the enemy, in times above.

While UAVs are supplied to the troops by volunteers or by military.

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