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“Shob you lived for one salary”: funny jokes from the real Odessa

"Шоб вы жили на одну зарплату": смешные анекдоты от настоящих одесситовSo only know how to joke in this town!

Odessa – is an inexhaustible source of humor. Local residents have a special Outlook.

They are able to treat with humour to any situation, and turn everyday conversation into a first class joke.

Odessa jokes never get bored, because they are literally saturated with a special flair of this outstanding city. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

— Sarah, how much do You weigh?
— With glasses, one hundred and twenty pounds.
And without glasses?
Without glasses I can’t see the scales.

“Better safe than sorry” thought Moshe, when he had run out of ink in the pen at the time of registration in the registry office.

— Mom, not shoby I’m not glad to see you, just did not have time for you to get bored…

— Verochka, and de you were? Shaw, haven’t seen you!
I work in Italy went.
— You even don’t see: forever ruin the mood!

Old Odessa tailor shares with a friend:
– Bi if I was Sam, I’d be richer than him!
– I would still a little shyly.

Odessa, Bazar:
– I would not for half the price bought this coat. Look out fur him!
– Madam, for that price a couple of years you will have a great leather coat!

The queue at the beer stand. The indignant exclamation:
– Why not top up?!
Indignant response:
– Because it is not diluted!!!

Courtyard Odessa.
– Sarah and Boron what your new life companion?
– Oh, you, Sarah Markovna, he has a new communications satellite.

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