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“She won’t find happiness”: Max Fadeev called Mary Maksakova a traitor


The scandal surrounding the sudden emigration of former Russian state Duma Deputy Maria Maksakova and her husband Denis Boronenkov in Ukraine is gaining momentum. It is known that after this Maksakova, which is also an Opera singer, was fired from Russian Academy of music Gnesin, Boronenkov announced in the Federal wanted list and was suspected of fraud in especially large sizes. The couple had already unflattering to speak about Russia, about the annexation of Crimea and Russian-Ukrainian relations. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.


Max Fadeev was surprised by the news about emigration of Mary and Denis. The producer wrote in the Instagram post in which he called the spouses traitors. Max believes that whatever is your homeland, not to insult her.

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“Today I learned that Maria Maksakova fled the country. I can understand, but there is one caveat, which I think is important to note. Whatever it was, whatever you did not like the government of their country or as if you didn’t like the system in which you live today — but pour mud and dirt their country impossible. She still gave you life, bread, education, education. If you were sick and not like — go where you want, but be quiet! Never talk about my country badly. It’s the same thing that talking about his mother bad. For me it is so,” — said Fadeev (Spelling and punctuation authors hereinafter. — Approx. ed.).

The producer noted that he sees many shortcomings in Russia, but still loves his country. He said that 15 years has lived with his family abroad, where he had a successful career and a good income. However, he still returned Home.

“Because one day, being with the family in Paris, we stopped at the intersection and from neighboring cars sound track Rosenbaum “Raise a Cup to our children”. And the five of us cried. And I said to my wife: “Natasha, let’s go home”. And in 2005, I finally returned. I will do everything I can for my country. Even if my contribution is quite visible from above. If I’m lucky, I’ll have to see. And I can see it in my students”, — said the producer.


Fadeev added that whatever country was, it is impossible to betray, “Yes, she is sick, but this is the same as to betray and leave my sick mother.” Max is sure that Maria and Dennis will not find happiness in a foreign land: “I am sure that they will not find happiness, betraying the Motherland. And it will hang on the light outcasts, traitors. Because any man knows, if you were able to betray your Home — you also betray any other”.

Fadeev added that he was disappointed in Maksakova: “I was so in love with this singer. And today I’m very disappointed. Farewell, my disappointment,” concluded the producer.


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