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She has plastic surgery to marry best friend’s husband

Россиянка сделала пластику, чтобы выйти замуж за лучшего друга мужаThe marriage lasted a short time.

In Ingushetia, mother of two children did a fantastic swindle: to deceive her husband and to marry his best friend: she changed her appearance in the beauty salon, put on the lens and increased the lips. The deception was revealed only at the wedding.

A young mother of two children without memory fell in love with a friend of his wife and decided to get his reciprocity. She invented a whole legend for her husband — supposedly she has a single friend-an orphan, with which they are similar. After receiving a friend’s phone number, she secretly had an affair with a new lover via SMS — the lovers never met for all correspondence, but decided to get married.

To escape from the first spouse, the girl told him that her supposedly sick aunt, I need to visit. In fact, she went to the beauty salon, where she’s changed her appearance — put in blue contacts, increased the lips and went down the aisle. Of course, at the wedding was her husband who decided to congratulate his best friend’s wedding.

Many have noticed the similarity of this girl with her imaginary friend at the wedding, but no it did not cause suspicion. However, the fraud was discovered thanks to her sister aferistki the next day, the girl returned home.

Motives unknown girl, someone accuses her selfish desire to get dowry, and someone- the split personality. There are those who doubt that it’s sincere feelings of the girl.

In the village of Plievo, where was the wedding planner, held a mass gathering of the family of liars. Gathering participants stated that the responsibility for her act should take husband. In meeting men kind of Ozdoeva asked the head of the Republic Yunus-Bek Yevkurov, to help deal with the situation.

The Chairman of National meeting of Ingushetia mukharbek Dikayev believes that the main heroine of a love triangle may be suffering from a mental disorder.

The Commissioner for human rights in Ingushetia Dzhambulat Ozdoev believes that the story about dvemogili shrouded in rumors: “There is a theory that it was a hoax. But there is another opinion that she was suffering from split personality. This act is considered to be abnormal not only in our nationality and ethnicity. It’s all kind of a strange situation. The girl has a family, is married to another person. This behavior is immoral.”

He adds that dvemogili girls must be considered at the level of everyday relations — this incident does not have the status of a criminal offence in Ingushetia.

According to unconfirmed information, at the time of the marriage, the girl secretivly Scam, was already divorced from first husband. A new marriage ostensibly wanted to prevent a relative.

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