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Sharks devour dead whale attack submarine (VIDEO)

The depths of the oceans remains poorly studied, and this mysterious underwater world remains of great interest to humans. There, bubbling in the dark? Maybe a huge prehistoric predator, and maybe spongebob. In any case, this place is always curious to look.

Documentary series “Blue planet II” (Blue Planet II) gives such opportunity. As the name implies, is the sequel to the hit project on the nature of “the Blue planet”, broadcast system channels BBC. The second season started on October 29, 2017, and in anticipation of the new release, the Network appeared in a short video about what was happening behind the scenes.

The team transfer to a small submarine, reached a depth of 700 metres. The guys wanted to see (and photograph!), what happens with the carcass of a dead whale on the seabed. As a result, they found a shark feast – cute fish devoured the carcass, biting each other, and at some point began to lazily attack submarine. Well, not that it looked very dangerous, but the people from the sharks separated one glass, it was very disturbing. And they can understand. Darkness, depth, carnivorous creatures at arm’s length… Good work dudes!

But the audience is watching is a pleasure. We offer you to join these spectacular frames, that could be included in any horror movie.

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