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Sharks at a depth of 47 meters. Watch the official trailer of the “Blue abyss”

47 Meters Down. In the Deep. Fear of depth. 47 meters. The blue abyss. Yes, it’s the name of one film. We repeatedly wrote about it, including in the context of love of our localizers questionable move. Anyway, “the Blue abyss” Brit Johannes Roberts in the summer will get to Russia. The world premiere took place last year, but as they say, better late than never. After the very successful “the Shallows,” the interest in shark horror increased, sin is to miss the point.

About the plot:

Relaxing on the Sunny beaches of Mexico, Lisa and her sister Kate decide to cage diving great white sharks. But a spectacular attraction turns into a nightmare when a cell with two girls flipping out on the ocean floor. Aid to await nowhere, and oxygen remains only for an hour. The only way out of deadly traps to float upwards through the water column, which is full of the most fierce predators of the ocean.

We got official trailer of the film, which, I must say, sets a positive way. Especially if you have a weakness to this subject. The dark depths of the sea, dangerous predators, man against nature. So far it looks pretty decent. However, to know that there really is only one way: climbing into the cage with the heroines. Or at least to look at them from close range. In cinema this can be done from June 15, 2017.

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