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Sharknado this is not fiction! (PHOTO)

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30 March Australia hit tropical storm “Debbie”, is the strongest in the last six years. And he brought with him not only destruction, but also… sharks. Well, at least one shark. However, the authorities warn of the danger and asking residents not to enter flood water, even those not associated with the ocean.

Even in normal puddle on a country road can be driven a real shark.

This only happens in the movies, they would say.

It’s all cheap trash, did not believe they…

Why are you cautiously look at the sky, they asked…

So, seriously, MOE Australia actually published a warning to residents to stay away from flood waters and as an illustration to his words posted a photo roundnose shark that washed away from the sea on the road. By the time she was found, poor thing was already dead, but the excitement of be able. The first witnesses were simply in shock, and hell, they can understand — five-foot predatory fish using the roadway! It is hard to imagine that she felt such a fantastic death.

By the way, roundnose sharks here are afraid, and for good reason. Hunted in the muddy water, possess remarkable strength and, most importantly, very aggressive. Casualties from collisions with them, unfortunately, are quite common.

However, now Australians are more concerned with the consequences of natural disasters that swept over the northeast coast.

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