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“Sha! Odessa has to say a few words!”: a fresh batch of inimitable humor

"Ша! Одесса имеет сказать пару слов!": свежая порция неподражаемого юмораRecipe for a happy life in Odessa.

We all know that the Odessa — people are very cheerful. They don’t lose their composure and sense of humor, even if something goes wrong.

We propose to learn this valuable skill the inhabitants of the famous city.

In the Odessa school:
– Izzy, you had six apples. Half of you gave… How much have you got apples?
Five and a half.

Throughout his life, the Fima could not bring home a woman.
First from parents, then his wife!

Bed Markovna, how was your day?
Oh mony, forever…

On reception at the psychologist:
So, Rabinovich, you need to write a letter to someone who infuriates you, and burn it!
– Well, I do understand… And the letter I sho to do?

Celia Markovna after leaving her husband on a business trip, always start cleaning from the Cabinet. Happen, the people will come.

– You know, Zalman, you mine are very similar to Pushkin!
Is what else, Sara? Talent or sideburns?
– Oh, no! You sometimes still shoot like!

When Rosa Lvovna stopped eating after six, she began to chew the Seeds Markovic after seven.

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