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“Sha! Odessa has to say a few words!”: a fresh batch of funny jokes

"Ша! Одесса имеет сказать пару слов!": свежая порция смешных анекдотовRecipe for a happy life in Odessa.

We all know that the Odessa — people are very cheerful. They don’t lose their composure and sense of humor, even if something goes wrong.

We propose to learn this valuable skill the inhabitants of the famous city.

As they say in Odessa, the day was wasted if you did not talk to the neighbor for the weather. And if the neighbour had returned the favor — so all life is lived not in vain! - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Odessa. The bus braked sharply, and elderly passengers involuntarily clutched his shoulder standing next to ladies.
— Look, — she is angry — and you could not grab something else?
— Madam, it is not necessary to tempt me at this age!

In the Odessa bus traveling woman talking on mobile:
-… And you know, Sophie, I come into our bedroom, and he was a neighbor there tumbles on our bed, so I tiptoed to the kitchen took… Oh, Sophie, this is my stop, I six work going and let me finish.
Six in the evening. The same woman gets on the bus, and the bus is still the same person sitting, then snaps the man out of breath, barely breath:
— Am I too late?
Looks at woman and says:
— Well, sho looking at? Call Sophie.

— Rose M., how old are you?
— That every year is different!

Rosa Markovna, and what is it you have on your feet are the curves of the fingers?
— Because of the beliefs…
— What beliefs?
— I am sure sho my 35th foot size.

My Dis forever whining: “Mine have nothing to wear, mine have nothing to wear!”
— Oh, Fima! I’m begging you! Give her a sack of potatoes, and let wears!

— SEMA sho is the most important thing in female beauty?
— Mouth!
— Shape, color, size?..
— No. Importantly, shoby it was closed.

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