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Sex work in Russia is organized better than any other business

Секс-бизнес в России организован лучше всякого другого бизнеса

The cancellation of President Vladimir Putin in April the traditional “straight line” betrays his fear sharp questions of the population.

Also no guarantee that any student from Syktyvkar did not ask:

– Do you understand that trying with the whole power of the state to block the messenger Telegram is a modern “process of Giordano Bruno”?

At the meeting with gifted children in Sochi last year’s national leader admitted that he does not use the Internet. It was awful. Hearing this, the scholars looked at each other stunned.

He thereby not only made himself a retrograde, and placed between themselves and the younger generation miraculously the wall. Now it is for them a real dinosaur.

And what from it then to wait for all of us “digital economy” technological breakthrough? What he realizes with a law degree according to the Soviet law, which is long gone?

In “burning at the stake” rebellious messenger of the obscene role is assigned to Roskomnadzor. This is not the Holy Inquisition of XXI century, is also intending to abolish the constitutional article on the protection of private life and secrecy of correspondence of citizens.

Office anesthesiologist Zharov was unable flick of the wrist to block access to popular “lotion”. Even “the Kremlin celestials like it.

In a matter of days furious jarovce pulled the plug on millions of innocent users, and third parties – hospitals and clinics, shops, banks and theatres… damage to the prestige of the country suffered enormous.

Meanwhile, the first year already, the question sounds: why is the main censor of freedom of speech Zharov as loyal to sites with prostitutes that countless army of pimps naotkryvali across the country?

Sex work in Russia is organized better than any other business. With the General decline of the economy it is booming and thriving. Despite the fact that engagement in prostitution and keeping a brothel is punishable by articles 240 and 241 of the Criminal code. It is on paper.

Home “priestesses of love” has suffered is my girls from Newspapers to the Internet and for some reason none of the law enforcement authorities will not touch them.

And if so, then the “grandmother” is “priestesses of love” is invested not pitied. Pays for itself. Today it’s pretty neat portals with pictures naked sex concubines, phone numbers, prices and other intimate details. Such “sativali” in every city in the country. Stress: almost everyone, from Moscow to the suburbs.

As a worthy example to follow here is an exemplary organization of sex work in the suburban cities with the most unassuming names.

For jokes, type in Yandex “prostitute.” and get the 30-m site, I lost count and stopped counting.

Know about this sex-fisheries Moscow region Governor Vorobyov? Of course! Such a fine unmarried connoisseur of the fair sex as to not know?

At the mother see of “secret” prostitutes pimps advertise via the nearest metro station. Where we have MIA? On rye street near m. Oktyabrskaya. Can type in search engine “Prostitutes (whores) at the metro station “Oktyabrskaya” and get links to many portals.

Where lodges he Roskomnadzor? Kitaygorodsky PR., 7, p. 2. Near the metro station “Kitay-Gorod”.

Type in Yandex or Google “Prostitutes in the metro “China town” and he throws you half a dozen links to sites.

Why they do not block ILV, interior Ministry, Prosecutor General’s office? Why not judge pimps? After all, a criminal of the same crime!

In my publications I have been asked this question more than once. And I have only one conclusion. Because the same Roskomnadzor has its share in the protection racket pimp sites. As well as local authorities that give permission to open illegal brothels.

Refute me, Andrey. Tell me, I don’t know anything about suburban “sex Dorm” b@adame.

With pleasure would listen to explanations and the anesthesiologist Zharov. Version of “Patriot” we sent him some variety journalistic queries that, by law, mandatory.

Where there! No one has not received a response. A deathly silence. And his press Secretary Ampelonskiy not even answered a personal appeal to him.

And now he even under house arrest on a very sensitive issue. The investigation accuses him of creating within the walls of RKN front companies for salaries of non-existent employees. Damage to 23 million rubles.

Here are them there in the censorship office bortsuny for the purity of the Runet…

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