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Sex scandal makes Olga Buzova most popular Russian Instagram star

Last week, the Network blasted the news about the dirt on Olga Buzova, which was published after phone hack stars. Special attention is attracted bloggers intimate correspondence with Dmitry nagievym. In the chat, the presenter sent the famous sex symbol, pictures and videos spicy nature. Soon Dmitry Tarasov has accused the TV presenter of treason and called it the Mercantile.

The whole correspondence and published intimate photos only played Olga at hand. Popularity Buzova on the Internet is growing rapidly. The song presenter “the sounds of kisses” was an instant hit, and the number of subscribers in Instagram with every day increasing with such speed that Buzova will head the list of the most popular celebrities in Instagram.

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At the moment the three leaders are Nastasya Samburski, Timati and Ksenia Borodina. “Now the monthly increase of Olga Buzova is approximately 540 thousand users. From Timothy, Nastasya Samburski and Ksenia Borodina, the figure is 250, 200, and 310 thousands. Now the rating is headed by Samburski from 7.6 million subscribers, but if the dynamics of these users will continue over the next 1.5−2 months, Buzova will be the winner of the “instagram” number one in Russia”, — said the Internet marketer Ivan Privezentsev in an interview

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The number of subscribers, as you know, not just a number, and the opportunity to earn good money. So, after the news about the divorce Olga Buzova has earned on advertising in the Network of 16 million rubles.

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