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Sex in Russia will be available to only 10 percent of men

Секс в России будет доступен только 10 процентам мужчин

This prediction about the future “cushion wimps” has generated a lot of debate.

Секс в России будет доступен только 10 процентам мужчин

Секс в России будет доступен только 10 процентам мужчин

Anastasia Mironova, “the Newspaper. EN.” I wrote about why soon multiply to be 10% of men:

– Most cushion of the weak will remain on their sagging couches. And that future will come much faster than men can imagine.

This is probably the first in the Russian press sex column, starting with links to the words of the representative of the Russian Orthodox Church. Remember, not long ago Archpriest Dmitry Smirnov, the one that is advised to hit children in the face, said that the weakness of our men have adopted the scale of national tragedy? As correctly pointed Dmitry!

Men in Russia are weak, passive, a hopeless spoiled years of labour and learned helplessness. But this is not their tragedy. What is important is that they become weak against the backdrop of a woman who very quickly men like that are not needed.

Paradoxically, the weak man is relevant only in a Patriarchal society. Why? Because there is no need to compete. In Patriarchal conservative countries every man, regardless of income and education, can expect to marry a woman and even numerous extramarital Affairs. But emancipirana woman, the stronger, smarter, and prettier than a man should be. Because the weak and stupid women choose only under pressure, families, foundations, poverty.


In a free society, the competition of men for sex is enhanced with the increasing emancipation of women. There are many reasons.

First, the true need for regular sex is not many women, respectively, most today are married for social reasons. “Well, that, but with him as behind a stone wall” — this is a social argument of the impact of marital debt, which loses its meaning along with the debt, if the woman is by law guaranteed equality and protection. As soon as the causes disappear, the woman would be more profitable to live alone, because alone it is easier to farm. Easier to cook, not to serve man, has less to do the cleaning.

Men are less independent in everyday life. Therefore, in a relatively progressive family man, while trying to help his wife, but also cook, and clean up less often, and litter, on the contrary, more often.

Even if a woman doesn’t want to cook at home, if she on weekdays with a dishwasher, and for weekends, hired the cleaning lady, she is still more profitable to farm one.

Another reason why with financial self-sufficiency, a woman would prefer to live without men is the safety of the child. On a subconscious level a man with a woman is perceived in the family as risk. He is stronger, he can hit her and the baby. I met once a very serious research, saying that women by nature tend to worry when finding her child with a man, even her husband. This concern is overcome only in the rarest cases, a good fatherhood.

The man of the house is often perceived as a risk factor. It’s a risk because he can beat, and to impose the will, especially in the upbringing of children, which is important if a woman wants to give a child in math class, and the husband insists that his son should “grow a man”. The second risk is, oddly enough, the risk of hunger. The man eats more if he loses his income, the family eats. In a Patriarchal family the best piece never gets the woman and the kids, they always list last.

Women Russian Internet forums full of complaints of young mothers who are forced in decree to feed themselves and children for 200 rubles a day, because her husband earns only 20 thousand, and five of them goes to the communal, ten he eats because he needs meat every day and lunch to work.

In Patriarchal societies, I repeat, is the man to keep the woman in the family, quite simply, to have sex, don’t need to be successful and earn a lot, because society itself makes for heavy women exit from the family.


In the European part of Russia, it only condemns divorce from her husband because of his inability to support his family by enforcing a duty in any situation, “to preserve for the child the father.” In the Orthodox and Muslim regions such withdrawal from the family is generally prohibited.

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It is not surprising that once a woman gets the opportunity to raise a child without the financial participation of men, it dramatically decreases the need for the family. And increases competition among men for women who are ready to create a family. And, simply, for regular sex. In big cities the competition is already there, for well-groomed, his equal in wealth and women, men compete by abandoning the rigid Patriarchal norms.

Pot-bellied men who believe that a woman’s place is at the stove, already can get beautiful woman just for the money, buying sex directly or indirectly. If the money from the Patriarchal no friend, he lies on the couch alone or with ugly neighbor, who works along with him a security guard in chop and are willing to tolerate his conservative habits, because the more for it no one competes.

The younger in our country, the people, the more clearly shows this trend. Married guys around 30 years old are increasingly tinkering with the kids, cook, go shopping.

This is a necessary transformation. Those who are now gone from Patriarchal dogma, just feel better trend. And he in any Patriarchal country is the same — women are the first to abandon the traditional way, because it is not beneficial to them.

Look at the ultra-conservative Arab country, a conservative Latin America, in Catholic Poland and Ireland — two of the most religious countries of Europe. All first refuse of Patriarchy women because they are in a Patriarchal society is the main resource. When women emancipists, resource, become men. And then they will compete for sex, and for the right of reproduction.

Look at the most developed countries. There is almost no imbalance of the sexes in favor of men, however, women in these countries to survive and to feed the child, it is not necessary to have a family. The number of single mothers is growing in Russia, but they have about 30%, two times less than in Scandinavia, about one and a half times less than in USA and UK. Because the more secure a woman is, the less it enters into a registered relationship. And the more manicured and modern look in such a country men.

Passers-by in Iceland, the UK, Sweden look to be the same: a lot of fatties-simpletons without makeup and men without exception, all standard with six-pack abs. Because elementary are forced to fight for access to sex. Countries that have become standards in the protection of human rights, today show the Russians that we will become tomorrow.

These same weak men, which says Archpriest Dmitry Smirnov, in quite a short time will be out of business. They can’t compete with the beautiful and smart, because in the rich and developed countries there are arranged marriages and forced marriages. The women there sleep with those who are like them. Women choose always the best.

Today out of every 1000 fertile women not less than 300 at a time pregnant, menstruating or have a baby, that is, they are almost not considered as sexual partners. Of the remaining 700 about 10% of infertile and childfree. They, incidentally, with the development of society become more.

Now the competition is 100% fertile men is about 630 women and married and unmarried. And men of fertile age, among other things, we have a little more than women, the imbalance starts later, when there is a age male mortality from Smoking, alcohol, diseases. But the younger the generation, the more it overweight men.

Now imagine that all of these remaining 630 women not interested in marriage because they do not need them. Half is not interested in sex at all. Only a third are ready for recurring dates and a couple of dozen per cent would agree to a one-time meeting. Some percentage of these women are ugly, sick or disabled. The rest choose the best. The most intelligent, active, developed and, most importantly, respect the woman. This is 20 percent of the force. While breeding will be allowed at all 5-10%.

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That is, in the society of the future may well be that 5-10% of men will reproduce, and those same coaches losers of this possibility will be denied.

In fact, in Iceland, in Sweden — the countries with the highest number of single mothers, it is so water-borne women are much less water-borne than men, because from one male gives birth sometimes several women if he is handsome and smart. The imbalance is so evident that even negates the fact that some women have two or more children.

The cost of sex for young men in a major city in Russia is already big. All these articles in entertainment magazines about the cost of Dating for a reason: today it is in Moscow cost eight thousand rubles. This minimal dinner, movie, flowers, a taxi. Prostitutes in any modern country is getting smaller, their services are expensive. In some countries, prostitution is real and not on paper is prohibited.

It is only in the description of such a future looks ridiculous. But in reality it is very close. As soon as the woman get rid of economic risks, it will be not just to give birth a little, but not enough to have sex. You read the statistics: in every culture about 60% of women consistently admit that they have never experienced orgasm, the rest of libido is generally lower than men’s. Besides, women tides of sexual desire is tied to the day of ovulation. Few women genuinely want sex before and after these few days.

Don’t want to, but tolerated because in the current environment, a woman is better in Russia several times a month to squint and suffer for the sake of the “like a stone wall”.

But external protection of the defenseless. And suffers the one who make. Disappear reason to seek protection — not have to endure. And a single preserved to this day matriarchal societies. For example, in the tribes of South-East Asia and Oceania. After all, what is a matriarchy? A system in which selects the partner solves the problem of procreation and heritage property woman. All strictly matriarchal tribes on the planet there is polyandry, where three or four men are raising one or two children born a wife or mother’s family, run a household and are willing to put up with it for at least rare access to sex.

In these tribes all the heavy housework men do. Why? Because women willing to marry even in such comfortable conditions, less than willing to find a wife men. Want to at least once a week to feel alive a woman — compete! Cook a soup, learn to swaddle the baby, if wood, carry water. And all do better than your rivals!

So be with us. Divan’s husband, twice in 10 years nailing to the wall a shelf, and all the while cutting in video games is a throwback. Not historical, namely atavistic, that is, an evolutionary relic. It will take quite a few years, and the woman will not need such a marriage. And sex, after which she must escape cut sandwiches and have time to run to night the washing machine, she also would not be necessary.

In any population of any animal is always the one who gives birth. Tigers, bears or dogs have not yet figured out a way to make a female to them to surrender, they have males and females about equal in strength. Tiger-rapist tigress could easily bite off your head. Therefore in the wild the tiger is not raping females. People found a way to force a woman to have regular sex through public opinion and economic pressure. Cease the way to work — the weak men will cease to breed and generally have access to women. So the sofa patriarchs should hurry to evolve.

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