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Severe years go… and come

Суровые годы уходят... и приходят

… Called the beginning of 2019 a difficult period for the Russian economy. Among the negative factors, the economic development Minister said volatility in commodity markets, reduced demand for Russian exports and the VAT increase. Note that the Minister is disingenuous: there can be complex or simple that is missing. Russian economy as a whole system simply does not exist. The fact that a holistic system, due to the internal ligaments to any external stimulus-responsive entirely.

For example, if you start to shake left corner of the table, it will shake and right corner. Why? Vibrations are transmitted via the connecting elements. So the integrity of the Russian economy is long gone.

Processes bi-directional, when one is worse, others better, and Vice versa. A shock in one segment or does not affect the other segment, or has a positive effect. This proves the lack of a system of ligaments, interdependence needed for a coherent economy.

The Russian economy instead of managers, give a command, “steering” – headed by fortune tellers and oracles, who, instead of manage it – trying to predict her unpredictable seizures. And always hit the mark: for what educated people think fortune tellers, con artists and don’t believe them. If the captains of the economy have led it, they would not be required vague forecasts – they would know exactly how much and what will how knows in advance the driver, going to his car. Because the driver gives the command, where to go, rather than trying to guess where he will suffer lost control of the car in the left ditch or the right column?

One of the soothsayers and fortune-tellers astrologers, and he acts … which, like all those “Ulyukayev”, is not responsible for the accuracy of their predictions, because guessing on a coffee thick, instead of doing his or her direct responsibility – ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT.

“The most difficult period for economic dynamics is the beginning of 2019. There is a whole complex of factors we now have to converge: a difficult global situation, the volatility in commodity markets, reduced demand for Russian exports as a whole due to the slowdown in the global economy.

In Russia the VAT increase, which will eat part of including consumer demand. Policy of the Central Bank to curb the potential risks of increasing inflationary pressures in the future will also be a constraining influence on economic dynamics for lending in early 2019,” said the Minister.

According to the latest data, the growth rate of corporate lending may start to slow down, that will also affect economic dynamics in early 2019, said Oreshkin.

Thus, according to him, the second half “will be more positive,” and, in General, in 2019 the growth of Russia’s GDP will be 1.3%. Cool story…

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