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Seven ways to travel inexpensively

Семь способов путешествовать без лишних затрат Travel does not always require a lot of money.

It would seem, love to travel, and all, but there are people who constantly say that they don’t have enough money to travel. But in fact there are many budget ways to see the world in all its glory. If you rethink the approach to travel, you’ll be able to go far away, not within its ordinary budget.

1. “Surgical journey” - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Семь способов путешествовать без лишних затрат

Day trip (even if it is only an hour drive away) can introduce an element of this journey into a boring routine. In addition, a day trip is perhaps the cheapest way to see the local sights. For example, you can choose places such as national Park, an interesting town or historical site.

All necessary information can be found on the Internet. Not to pay for accommodation, you can go early in the morning and return home by nightfall. Thus, it will be enough time to see what want to see, even if the destination is a few hours away.

2. “Home exchange”

Семь способов путешествовать без лишних затрат

If someone is not afraid to let other people live in his apartment, the “home exchange” is a great way to find a comfortable, cozy and virtually free housing while traveling. Participants in the home share usually live in apartments each other at the same time. Naturally, this is best to do with friends.

As a minimum, you need to make sure that people who come to live in an apartment on vacation, and the apartment of which leave to live by himself, is not a Scam. The Network has a specialized website home exchange, where you can read all the reviews about the participants in such a program.

3. “Low season”

Семь способов путешествовать без лишних затрат

As you know, the low season is called a time of reduced demand for travel due to work commitments (studies), but also because of the not too favorable weather conditions. At this time the cost of travel becomes significantly lower. In many places (e.g. Ireland and Greece), some attractions, restaurants and even hotels are closed in low season, but this does not mean that it is impossible to spend a great vacation.

You need to plan everything in advance to maximize the benefits of the low season. To do this is to buy a good guidebook and check advance every place he wants to visit, to ensure that it will be open. You also need to stock up on suitable clothing, especially if you have to deal with cold temperatures. And the most important — it is necessary to focus on the positive.

For example, in Paris can be cold in November, but do not have to stand in mile-long queues to the Eiffel tower, and the beautiful French food in the fall is no worse than in summer. When traveling to the Caribbean can save you money by going there in the hurricane season in the fall (of course, insurance will not be superfluous).

4. Group travel

Семь способов путешествовать без лишних затрат

Seasonal rental is clearly not the best choice for a person travelling alone. But if someone is travelling with family or another couple, you can save significant money on housing. Roughly speaking, each person will be jointly charged the apartment, will significantly cut costs.

For example, there was one bedroom apartment with ocean views on the island of Maui, which costs $ 185 per night. And it’s less than $ 50 per person, if you find three friends to travel. Furthermore, the purchase of more products in the grocery store and cooking instead of eating out in restaurants can help to save even more.

5. Couchsurfing

Семь способов путешествовать без лишних затрат

Couchsurfing is an unusual way to find cheap or even free accommodation in the destination (just keep in mind that usually offer to sleep on the sofa in the living room). One of the most popular networking couchsurfing is where are registered the people from all countries of the world, who are ready to welcome travellers to my home (naturally, you have to be very ready to receive guests from other countries at home).

In addition, developed a number of security measures to its users. The desire for adventure is a prerequisite for any successful classes of couchsurfing. But if someone is not comfortable to sleep in a stranger’s house, you should not do this.

6. The rejection of the All-Inclusive

Семь способов путешествовать без лишних затрат

Most travelers love the holidays “all inclusive” and probably well acquainted with the advantages of ensuring savings in such a system.” But those traveling to an unfamiliar resort, it is worth to get acquainted with what is included in the price. For example, it may be offered unnecessary services that make the ticket more expensive, and are close to the hotel, where such services are not, but is there cheaper.

7. Cruise

Семь способов путешествовать без лишних затрат

Now many may say that it is expensive. But in fact, it often happens that a cruise can provide significant savings by allowing you to pay for food, accommodation and entertainment together for one low price. However, suitable this is, of course, only those who like to travel on the ship.


Семь способов путешествовать без лишних затрат

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