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Seven ways to keep a clear mind to old age

 Семь способов сохранить ясность ума до глубокой старостиOver time deteriorating of brain cells.

The brain is a very important organ. Together with the nervous system it controls vital body functions and enables any of our physical and mental activity.

It is as if the control and management of the whole organism. It is the Foundation of not only our memory and thinking, but also the functioning of all important body systems.

Like other parts of the body, the brain is subject to aging, which can be major changes that affect the quality of life.

Over time deteriorating of brain cells, and it can affect memory, hormone production and other important processes.

Not everyone knows that healthy habits help to keep the brain in good condition even in old age.

Leading a healthy lifestyle by nourishing the brain necessary nutrients, exercising it, you can keep your brain young at any age.

Experts provided 7 tips that will help you to do this.

1. To engage in physical activity

Daily or regular physical activity is good for your brain.

It improves blood circulation and oxygen supply of brain cells.

Contributes to the establishment of new connections between brain cells and stimulates the release of certain chemicals, which improve the condition of the brain.

Does not atrophy the hippocampus, and stimulates creative thinking.

2. To balance your diet

A healthy diet is necessary in order for the brain received the necessary nutrients.

Thanks to diet, which contains moderate amounts of fat, sugar and cholesterol, we can prevent premature deterioration of cognitive function, support normal blood pressure and cholesterol levels in the blood.

Some substances contained in healthy food, counteract inflammatory processes in the body, reducing the risk of dementia and diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Make sure that your diet includes products that contain:

High-quality proteins.
Fatty acids omega-3.
The dietary fiber.

3. Exercise the brain

As we have said, General physical activity is good for your brain, but you must also exercise the brain.

Constantly engaged in mental activity that makes the brain work is very important. This helps to prevent premature aging of the brain.

Active work of the brain require such activities:

To learn foreign languages.
To read the books.
To solve math problems.
To play on some musical instrument.
To learn to sing.
To write.

4. Lead an active social life

Loneliness as a risk factor for premature death. It often causes depression and encourages people to do harmful to his physical and mental health things.

People living in isolation, life expectancy, typically ten years less than those who lead an active social life.

If the person maintains a healthy social relationship with other people, he’s less stressed, he has a better memory, and he to a lesser extent threatened by neurodegenerative diseases.

5. To abandon bad habits

Habits such as drinking alcohol and Smoking, degrade the quality of life and prevent the normal functioning of the brain.

The toxins contained in alcohol and tobacco smoke can easily penetrate into the blood and worsen the condition of brain cells.

These bad habits increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and accelerate aging bodies.

6. Sleep

So the brain was in good condition and worked well, needed a good night’s sleep. Need to sleep at least 8 hours a day.

During sleep there is a kind of purification of the brain, organize the received information. Sleep also helps relieve stress.

Sleep plays a very important role in memory processes. In the brain during sleep chemical agents are released that are involved in different physiological processes.

7. Practice meditation

To maintain the brain in good condition help equipment meditation. Through meditation the thoughts are ordered, there is “enlightenment”, man attains a state of peace. It helps to get rid of anxiety and stress.

Breathing exercises are well combined with meditation and help to maintain this condition, it is very useful for the brain.

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